Hebrew to English: 1 Nephi 11 #lds #ldsconf #twitterstake #mormon

CLICK HERE to read my explanation of and disclaimer for this project. 1 Nephi, chapter 11, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:   So when I wanted to see the things my father had seen, then I requested … Continue reading

1 Nephi 11

CLICK HERE to read 1 Nephi 11. So Nephi, now understanding more and more about the dream his father had – and the message his father and other prophets have always given – wants to understand more. There is always … Continue reading

1 Nephi 10

CLICK HERE to read 1 Nephi 10. In chapter 10, Nephi goes back to his story, back to the part of the story where Lehi has finished telling about his dream.  Nephi says that his father also prophesied, like Isaiah … Continue reading