#LDSConf Talk: Chaplain Training

For chaplains, military leaders, and priesthood leaders who attended and requested the links for the books… For the website where you can buy our memoir, Keeping Kyrie, about the story of our family, see www.ParentingClass.Solutions/the-books For the website where you … Continue reading

#LDSConf – Alma 60: Moroni Demands Home & Visiting Teachers Step It Up

CLICK HERE to read Alma 60. Moroni now addresses the problems directly, writing to the governor to ask why help hasn’t been sent as promised (verses 1-2).  He explains the suffering of the people, “even hunger, thirst, and fatigue, and … Continue reading

#LDSConf – Mosiah 15: The Great Exchange

CLICK HERE to read Mosiah 15. After reminding the people of Isaiah’s words, Abinadi continues teaching the people: “… I would that ye should understand that God himself shall come down among the children of men, and shall redeem his … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 16 (matriculation)

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 16. This chapter compares to Isaiah 6. These chapters are the last of this group (2 Nephi 11-16) of chapters referring to Isaiah’s preaching about coming judgment.  His sermons in these chapters have referred … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 1 Nephi 15: Holiness to the Lord

CLICK HERE to read 1 Nephi 15. This chapter changes gears.  After Nephi’s pondering of his father’s vision, after his prayers to understand that vision, after the revelation that comes in response… after the unfolding of all these things, then … Continue reading