#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 30

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 30. Nephi continues his speech, making sure the Jews don’t think they are hot-shots just for being Jews.  Being born in the covenant is one thing, but we must keep our covenants individually.  If … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 29

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 29. In the last days, the Lord “shall proceed to do a marvelous work among them” (verse 1). Anytime the scriptures use the word “shall”, that is covenant language, and it shows up in … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 7

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 7. This chapter parallels Isaiah 50. Remember that Isaiah’s teachings would be familiar to both Jacob and the Nephites from the copies of scripture they had and from Isaiah being the prophet around the … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 1 Nephi 18

CLICK HERE to read 1 Nephi 18. In the previous chapter, the Lord told Nephi to build a ship.  His brothers made fun of him, got a little rough, and threatened his life.  Nephi taught them, they repented, and now … Continue reading