#LDSConf – Mosiah 16

CLICK HERE to read Mosiah 16. Abinadi the prophet, who just quoted some of Isaiah’s teachings, is still speaking to the people who should know better. “… the time shall come when all shall see the salvation of the Lord; … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 31

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 31. This chapter begins Nephi’s farewell to his people, and he goes out with a bang.  His last words are words of doctrine, teaching the people what Christ will teach them.  Within these teachings … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 30

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 30. Nephi continues his speech, making sure the Jews don’t think they are hot-shots just for being Jews.  Being born in the covenant is one thing, but we must keep our covenants individually.  If … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 19

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 19. This chapter compares to Isaiah 9. This chapter is all about prophecies regarding the area of Galilee.  Here is a paragraph from the Institute manual: The northernmost part of Israel, near the sea … Continue reading