Memoir: Keeping Kyrie

We are super excited about the release of our 2016 memoir, Keeping Kyrie, now available on Amazon and other online book retailers in hardcover and paperback.  The audiobook was released on iTunes and Audible in 2017.  You can get autographed copies of our book from our parenting website HERE.

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From the cover:

How much can a life change in just five years?

For Emily Christensen, that span began with her conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and ended with the adoption of six children with special needs. But the highs and lows between those two points are almost too hard to believe: enduring cochlear implant surgeries, meeting and marrying the man of her dreams, grieving the death of both of her parents, becoming a chaplain, and fostering more than seventy children.

At the core of the story is an account of her ongoing efforts to save the life of her youngest daughter, Kyrie (pronounced keer-ree-ay). Born with captivating eyes and a full head of curly hair, Kyrie also came into the world with Pierre Robin Sequence, a disorder where her lower face and airway were not properly formed. First as a foster mom and then as an adoptive mother, Christensen has fought her way through red tape, endured tremendous physical discomfort, and upended her entire world (all with the patient support of her husband), just to help her daughter breathe.

Looking back, Christensen shares how those trials ultimately helped her to gather a unique family from the chaos of life. Her stories, both joyful and harrowing, mark out a path that has led her toward deeper faith and spiritual understanding, emotional and physical healing, and blessings that she had never imagined were possible for her.

A real-life page-turner, this memoir abounds with tears and laughter, surprising insights into our relationship with God, and hope for surviving those seasons of trial that come to everyone. “Living is how we gain our wisdom,” says Christensen. “I try my best, hopefully learn from my mistakes, and keep moving forward, one stumble at a time.”

Now available in hardback and paperback from the major online retailers, or available in our store in hardback and paperback, with or without autographs.  Thank you for your support!


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