Rainy Days

My boys, and Anber, are playing in the rain. Alex is using all the skating helmets and knee pads to play super hero, while Anber runs around causing problems so that Alex has people to rescue. Kirk and Barrett are … Continue reading

Book Release Update

You can now purchase our book on our online store at www.HousewifeclassStore.com !!! Edit:  For some reason, three people who clicked on the link got the wrong currency at checkout.  It is correct in the store and for everyone else, … Continue reading

Book Update

Last week was insane, with work out my ears.  I get up around four in the morning most days, to get my scripture study and prayers in before the children awake, but last week Nathan and I stayed up until … Continue reading

The Book

So the story is true, that we are writing about our experiences since getting married, and we are very exciting to be working on a project together. I have had a publisher for several years, and done revisions until my … Continue reading