The January Series

So one of my most favorite experiences of my entire chaplaincy training experience was The January Series.  It’s hosted by Calvin College, and the put on these lunch meetings that are like Ted Talks meet CEU trainings, except by the most incredible and amazing and inspiring people who are leaders of their fields in theology, science, culture, literature, and all these amazing topics.  The local broadcast is held at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Tulsa from 1130am to 1230pm every weekday until the end of the month.  CLICK HERE to see the schedule of speakers for this year!  It’s only a few dollars for lunch, but the broadcast is free and eating is optional – or you can bring your own bag lunch.  But it’s super fun, and I love it so much!  This year I get to be a volunteer, and the children will be taking turns helping me for a different kind of service.  They are so excited!

Today it was Mary’s turn to help me:

I took her first, partly because she is never in trouble so it’s always easy to snag her for an extra outing, and partly because I knew she would love their current art exhibition!

It’s all hands, which is extra special to Deaf girls on dates with their Deaf moms.

You can CLICK HERE for a full list of speakers and the schedule of which day they will be presenting, but today was a fancy pants chaplain who talked about church attendance trends in the millennial generation and how to connect with them and interact with them and what their unique needs are and it was so good!

Mary thought dessert was good, too.

Kyrie ate a few blueberries and loved those, but mostly loved the gorgeous stained glass windows!

I was glad for the extra snuggle time with this little one, who for the first time got a cold (along with the rest of us) and got through it without pneumonia or a hospitalization.  Ba-bam!

Then we had an extra surprise when we got home and turned the corner onto our street and found new signs up for Mary and Kyrie!

She was so proud.

I had to go back to work after all that, but I felt very centered after a morning of pondering President Monson’s teachings and a chaplaincy training in the rainbow windows of the January Series.

It was a good thing I felt in such a good place, because work was very busy and very intense.

I don’t just mean the ER.  I actually at one point used the phrase “when you send me Godfather clips, I feel threatened”.  Getting to say something as tough as all that came in between demonstrating my mad ninja skills to the security team and trying to hitch a ride on the pretend zambonis that clean the floors at night.

I can hold my own, you see?

But it means that it’s good to have something like President Monson podcasting into my brain as I walk the empty hospital halls at night.  Because they aren’t really going to let me ride the zamboni, and I ought not drop kick any security officers.  And because Godfather is rated R, I have never even seen it, so I can’t even tell you why it is creepy.  It just is.

So life can be rough, you guys, and scary sometimes, but you know what is amazing?  Rainbow windows with sunlight sparkling through as fancy speakers inspire you while you eat chocolate covered strawberries.  You should come.

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  1. She’s looking very pretty and TALL in the pictures. Maybe it’s the dress that seems to enhance her height.