Christmas Today

Here’s the funny thing about setting booby traps… sometimes you trap yourself.

Naturally, it was this morning that Kyrie was in crisis and needed help and we had to crawl under our trap to get to her!

Then, we realized (just in time!) that one of Barrett’s presents was still in the tornado shelter! So before the children could begin their escape, they first had to slide our keys at us under the trap so Nathan could go out the back door and around to the garage to get into the tornado shelter to fetch the last present!

Hilarious. It will be the booby trap we never forget. They loved it, though!

They were so excited to open presents, and it really felt like a rite of passage in making this our new home.

They all wore their new outfits today, but not before everyone posing with new Sunday shoes!

I made French Toast out of egg nog while they played, and got a casserole from the leftovers of last night’s turkey dinner prepared in the over for lunch. But as soon as everyone was fed and settled and playing, the most important thing to do was my girls’ hair – which they wanted filled with ribbons today.

Their extra hair braiding and beading stuff has been packed for a week, and Mary’s has gotten so big and frizzy that I started getting complaints! People are quick to jump on white parents of children with black hair when it isn’t cared for well, maybe as they should. But I do know how to care for it and do know how to comb it and what products to use, and I can even braid and bead it by myself.

But Mary is 9, and wanting to practice on her own, and it makes me crazy when people pick on her hair not knowing she was the one who did it. She is proud to be able to comb through it on her own now, and can even part it into two or three very rough sections. That’s amazing at her age with her hair, and I’m okay with letting it be as is from time to time as she learns. It’s important for her.

But I am also always relieved when she is ready for help and wants it back up, so I can get it up to keep it healthy and strong and combed and out of her way.

Ribbons. So many ribbons, she wanted this week, after I spent all week hunting down her beads. But it is done, and she is adorable, and all is well.

And, conquering the Christmas morning event and getting their hair up meant I actually got a hot bath and a nap for a changed, which was lovely for a day off work.

I think we are all relaxed, refreshed, and generally spoiled this week!

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