Moving Day

Well, we did it. Again.

We got all moved, mostly.

We got the kitchen unpacked, all five children’s rooms unpacked and set up, and our room functional.

And by functional, I mean at 11pm Nathan and I collapsed in our chairs and couldn’t move, and could barely crawl to our bed to sleep.

Anber and Kyrie love their new room, even with their mattresses on the floor while we wait for their new beds given us:

Alex was so sweet to make Kyrie’s bed for her:

But he was also excited to start creating his “autism cave” which is what he wanted for a bedroom. The house has a giant hallway, and he and Mary have this plan to split it in half so they can have their own rooms. His bed isn’t put together yet, and his blackout curtains aren’t hung, but he got his things unpacked and his bed made!

Nathan and his dad worked hard on getting Mary’s end set up:

They are using loft beds (thank you, Sarah!) and putting their dressers and school desks underneath. We will add more shelves, but these two like these cozy little spaces and it’s what they asked to try. We were willing to let them try if they followed some basic rules (i.e., only changing clothes in the bathroom even after their curtains go up). Mary thinks it is “very New York like Papa” and could not be more thrilled:

Barrett is excited to have his own room, but played so much just in the empty space that he didn’t even get many of his toys out yet! He’s so funny! We left a rocker in his room for calming down and cuddle time, which he still very much needs.

Kirk is beyond excited for his own room, and he got the special room with the window seat. He is also waiting on his bookshelves to be set up, but he’s excited for a good start!

Mary and Alex helped us move, and worked so hard!

Kirk and the littles played at a friend’s house, but what we thought would be an hour or two turned into all day, naturally. We are so grateful to so many who helped and who cared for our children while we moved.

Oh, and for the teachers from church, who moved our swing set for us! That was so much work!

We were all very glad to all be home together, in pajamas, and finally sit down to a make shift dinner!

Everyone is already better with their own spaces and more space to play, and we are so grateful for the ongoing blessings hidden in affliction and trials. Heavenly Father is so faithful and good to us, and we are so very grateful.

By church time this morning, we had our pantry unpacked so that our table was in place and everyone could get to their seats easily:

(The boxes in the back are Kyrie’s feeding tube formula, and we will move those but it didn’t seem necessary for the Sabbath.)

We got everything put away so my kitchen is claimed and clean.

I even got Kyrie’s medical supplies organized better, though we aren’t finished because it’s Sunday, but we had what we needed for today.

We couldn’t find Sunday shoes, and we don’t have the Christmas tree up yet, but all the children have their hygiene baskets and got showered and we got into Sunday clothes. And they all have their scriptures and we got our prayers in last night and this morning.

That’s not bad for twenty-four hours, yeah?

Don’t worry. We aren’t finished. There’s still books. So many books.

The struggle is real, you guys, even on a resting Sabbath!

Plus Kirk threw up last night, which he always does after any kind of grandmother visit, and Alex woke with a cough. So it is a day I am glad they have their own rooms! I will keep them home today while Nathan is at church with the others, and if anyone else even clears their throat I will bring them home after Sacrament and give them broth, too. Mostly, though, we are just worn out!

It is a good day to rest.

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