Bodies and Temples

This morning at breakfast, a man came up to compliment the children on their good behavior.

He asked them if they slept well.

Alex piped up, “Oh, yes!  We had our own bunk beds!  It was so cool, and just like at home!”

The man said, “How did your mom and dad like bunk beds?”

Alex quipped, “They are Mama and Papa.  They do not have bunk beds.  They have one big bed, and Mama told Papa it was the best kiss he ever gave her.”


While the man thought this was as funny as I thought it was embarrassing, we had a little more serious experience later.

Nathan took his turn to go down and eat (since we are rotating while Kyrie adjusts), and I was working on getting children through turns of getting teeth brushed and dressed in their clothes.  The other children waiting their turn were watching cartoons in the bunk bed room.  The cartoon apparently finished, and instead of going to another cartoon or even to older child programming, it went straight to adult programming with a movie opening with a sex scene!

The kids responded well, telling us right away, but we still cannot take away what they had already seen.

It was, by default, and once again in a hotel room, another opportunity review what we know about pornography.

First, we praised and encouraged them talking to us about it right away.  That’s really important!

Next, we made sure to call it what it was:  pornography.  We said the word out loud, and let them say the word out loud.  We talked about how the world is so used to it that they don’t even always notice it is happening.  We talked about how turning it off right away is really important, like they did, because the more you watch it the harder it is to stop watching it.

Then we watched our family’s favorite pornography video, which we have watched many times before:


We talked about how bodies are not bad, just super special!

We talked about kissing (which is the only word they used for any of what they saw, even though they saw a lot more than that), and how kissing isn’t bad, either.   It’s just super special like bodies are special.  We also talked about the purpose of kissing, which is to help build relationships to be super strong because life is hard sometimes.  We talked about the good feelings that bodies can have because we are designed for those good feelings, so that we can build families and happiness and work hard to take care of each other.

We talked about how someday they will be mothers and fathers, and how those spirits are already waiting and helping and cheering them on as they prepare to be married in the temple someday.

And then we emphasized that by going to the temple (so glad we were in St. Louis where this is one!), and had another little lesson about temples – including how our covenants to take good care of our bodies, like not drinking alcohol or touching bodies out of marriage, and also things like eating healthy food and modesty and serving others, help prepare us for going to the temple.


We talked about how glad we are to be an eternal family, and how grateful these little bodies with their magnificent spirits have joined our family!  

Then we celebrated by using our bodies at the City Museum, where the children got to climb the walls and ceilings and try all kinds of cool things!  There were ladders and ropes and nets and it was amazing!

Planning to spend the night in Springfield so as to visit with my brother meant we only had a three hour drive today!

But we couldn’t leave St. Louis without a new picture at the arch!

We even got to see some horses!

We only had to stop once to play on the way since we didn’t have very far to go and she was sleeping and breathing:

By the time we got to Springfield, this girl was worn out, but back to her happy “normal” self of silliness.

Speaking of silliness, when we went downstairs to go swim tonight, we forgot the key to get in the pool.   These two volunteered to go get it, and have been practicing maps and finding rooms so I let them.  But when they came back, they only had the breakfast coupon and not the pool key.  It was so funny!  They did make it to the pool eventually!

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