Thursday Therapy-Day

Thursdays are therapy day here.

Mary gets dropped off at 8 for speech.  Then we run Anber to school.  Then we go back to pick up Mary and drop off Alex and Kirk and Kyrie.  Then I switch with Nathan, who takes Alex and Kirk to school while I start homeschool with Mary and Barrett so that their reading out loud is done before Kyrie is home to take charge.


That is all before nine in the morning, and the running wears me out.  But with six children in speech, physical, and occupational therapies plus feeding therapies and social skills groups, we are immensely grateful to our team of helpers who work so well with our children – and the scheduler who makes it happen.

Today was extra exciting because Kirk finally got his new hand brace!

Our crazy Thursday morning schedule also means, though, that Anber (who has graduated the other therapies) had to – for the first time ever – go into school all by herself.  Even at church, she at least has Barrett to hold hands with when she does into class!  This is so good for her, though, and she is doing great!  I am proud of our little Anber pants who now had such brave pants.

Then I spent the rest of the time packing.  We did our usual thing of underwear and socks in shorts and pants, and those folded into their shirts.  Then we put one outfit for each child into a backpack, so we are packed by day instead of children.  This makes staying overnight on the way there and home again much easier!  We only have to bring in one backpack instead of eight!

I also tucked Kyrie’s tubie pads into her socks for each outfit, to be sure we have enough and so she can still match.

Today was also fun because Mary got her galley proof of Marvelous Mary, and Kyrie got her book Gee Whiz, G-tube!  We were so excited to see them in print, and approved the orders to start being fulfilled.
Unfortunately, Kyrie woke from nap with a fever and not feeling well and sats dropping, so we are off to the hospital a day early – partly to get there as soon as possible, and partly so we can take lots of breaks along the way to get her out of the car seat and says back up.  We have her feeding tube and oxygen and pulse of supplies, and everything we need for her – because of you.  Thank you.  Really.

But, the children were amazing and we moved quickly after school, and I am only missing one extra day of work, but got FMLA so at least I still have a job.   Everything is settled, except for Mary and school, but we got Alex and Kirk’s IEP’s done.  We love their school, and the teachers and therapists are amazing.  We are so grateful!

Our easy backpacks for traveling this weekend got packed and loaded, we all got packed for next week and will wash the first set for traveling back home, and everyone has a backpack of homework from school plus our homeschool work and school boxes.  Each child brought their pillow and one stuffy.  We got gas and hit the road, doing the best we can.
(Harvey has skyrocketed gas prices, by the way, so we are somewhat concerned by that for such a long trip, but off we go in faith…)

We won’t make it far tonight, but we got a good start so far and any progress we make will help a thousand miles go a little smoother for a little one we are trying to keep off the life flight.  We appreciate your prayers, the miracles of support, and the encouraging messages as we go.  

We will keep everyone updated, and plan to have as many adventures as possible along the way to keep all the children engaged and learning and processing this roller coaster of emotions.   

We are so grateful for our community and our church and our friends who will be hosting us once we arrive in Cinci.   

It’s been a whirlwind of two years of miracles we never thought we would get, and we wouldn’t change a minute of it.

And every minute counts.

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