Stormy Fight Club

Today was my every two years re-certification in how to poke your eyeballs out:

Except, you know, de-escalating the conflict before it comes to that, plus all the usual evasive safety maneuvers, just in case.

Now when Kyrie pulls my hair, I can flip her like Jackie Chan and summersault right over her until she is pinned down.

Maybe not exactly.

But it is good stuff, and a small part of what I will be teaching in Houston in a few weeks.

Also, I got to put my boss in a choke hold, which always feels good, right?

The best part of being in training all day is that it meant I got the night off, which was a rare and lovely treat.

Except Nathan was gone to Bartlesville maybe selling our house, so we still needed help because we couldn’t be everywhere at once.

I was very grateful Nathan’s mother went with Mary to the activty days mother-daughter girly event since I couldn’t be there.  I took Mary to buy nail polish today, since obviously we don’t have any in our house.  She saved up her own money and everything!  We negotiated three simple pale pinks appropriate for a eight year old, and of course she came home in bright colors and glitter from everyone else!  Classic!  She had such fun!

In the meantime, the younger three had a date to pick strawberries!  My forever friend Kirsten, who is hard of hearing and lives around the corner, is very excited we are back and my little ones were very excited to meet her little girl (who is not smiling in the picture but is a very happy little girl).

They were also very excited for snow cones, thanks to another friend who gave her her freebie card.  It was just enough to split up for three little tummies!

Unfortunately, it was too much for Kyrie.  She has so recently been weaned off thickener, and most of the time does okay.  Today, though, she aspirated pretty badly and for moments that always feel like time stopped, she could not breathe.  She got through it, but now we have the waiting game to see if she will have pneumonia or not – sometimes we know in as little as six or seven hours.  Nathan will give her a blessing when she gets home.

I was so anxious for the older children to get home because of another tornado night here.  Lightning was coming in fast, and I was watching the weather closely.  They were home late for some reason, and so missed their ride to the end of the year party, but I was glad they were home because of the storm.

But I wanted to keep us all relaxed, though, so I put on some music to cover the thunder a little:

This was extra cozy with my great-grandmother’s lamp welcoming them home:

And then perfected when the children brought home crepes for me from the activity days event!  They put chocolate pudding inside and powered sugar on top.  It was adorable!

I had a treat ready for Nathan’s dad, too, because he brought papers for me, and Barrett’s desk.  We found out our car insurance has still been charging us for the car I gave them after they let us use up their van before we got our own van, the car I had paid off but was scared to drive after mom’s accident!  What a mess! But my friend Brother Funk helped us sort it out, and now with papers from Nathan’s dad showing it has been insured, we will get that corrected and a credit applied to our account.  What a relief!  So I got Nathan’s dad a thank you treat, for his help with that, except we missed him in the storm excitement so it’s still here!  Maybe it will blow to Bartlesville!

Nathan’s mom has her basket here, as the children were delighted to draw her name from the Mother’s Day drawing we held for those who shared our video.  How funny is that?

Then just before I could get anxious about Nathan, he burst through the front door with hands full of milk and bread in the middle of this torrential downpour!  How kind is he?  I am glad he is home, and Nathan’s parents made it home safely, and grateful the children were worn out to fall asleep so fast, and pray protection from the storm – even from our little ducks and rabbits and turtles that live in our yard!  

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