Some Day Sabbaths

Fast and Testimony Sundays always bring with it the added layer of limited coping skills, when you are hungry which somehow makes you tired and weak, and reliant on your faith and spiritual self in a whole new real way than when you can just avoid feeling anything by eating what you want when you want.

We crawled to church, all of us, ready by noon but somehow still not storming the building until after one.  Because they have been baptized, the second graders want to fast and are trying, though we would of course give them food if they chose or needed it.  The preschoolers have asked to skip breakfast because they want to be cool like the big kids, but they eat lunch on the way like Kyrie does.

The point, then, is to keep as easy a morning as possible, so that fewer coping skills are actually needed, right?  So we make sure everyone but Mary and Anber has showered the evening before, and then keep things low key as everyone takes turns getting dressed while I do Mary and Anber’s new braids for the week.

This morning it was watching their own YouTube channel, where they have all their parody songs posted in a playlist so it just loops one after another.  They love this, and its the most accessible home movies ever, after the old filmstrips Nathan and I used to have when we were little!  We also get fun notes from other families who also let it play for their children, some of them other kids in the hospital like Kyrie, so we are glad to cheer them up!

This morning, though, was extra special for our morning cuddles together.  They wanted to watch their playlist of the adoption videos as well.  I don’t know if they were just feeling sentimental, or if it was because of seeing Alex’s dad and Kirk and Barrett’s mom recently, or if it was our recent news that Anber and Kyrie’s mother has gone to prison, Mary’s mom is back in jail, and Kyrie’s father is back in jail.   Now all my girls have both sets of biological parents in jail.  Sigh.  It’s been rough news around here, even if it is also a relief as far as safety goes.

We have tried to liven it up with fun things, though.  They have figured out the “live feed” on the Keeping Kyrie fan page on Facebook, so have had fun sharing silly time with friends and family that way:


The second graders also had a very funny day in homeschool last week as we talked about Groundhogs!


It’s so funny that technology can keep us connected in such simple ways.  I am so grateful!   I know it can be abused, and the kids are more and more in charge of what they share on the blog or fan pages as they get older, but it has been really good for staying in touch with family and friends.  Or even me!  Nathan and the children sent me this video while I was at work tonight after church:


I shared my testimony of these joys in church this morning, not because I had anything planned or fancy to say, but because it is true.  It has been eight years since I met the missionaries, and I am so grateful!  Everything changed, and we have endured some hard experiences, but all of it has been progress and I wouldn’t change a moment.  Happiness does not depend on our circumstances, but it is something we create as we love and serve one another.  I am so grateful Heavenly Father had mercy on me to show me such a thing, and so grateful for this family that has been gathered and the family we are becoming!  What a life we share, and what adventures we have!

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