Kirk’s Talk

Kirk really, really wanted to talk about the doctors saying Kyrie would die, but we tried hard to redirect him to stay on his assigned topic.  He was also excited to wear white today, since he got baptized yesterday!  I love this sweet boy!

Jesus followed Heavenly Father’s directions and created the earth.

He created the earth so we can live here.

We needed to come to earth because before we didn’t have bodies. We were only spirits.

Also, God sent us to live here because he knew that we needed to learn how to make good choices.

It’s easy to make good choices when my parents are watching me, but I have to learn how to make good choices on my own.

Just like that, we can’t see Heavenly Father right now because he wants us to learn to be good on our own.

One good choice we can make is going to church.

Getting baptized is another of the good choices we can do.

We have to get baptized while we are on earth.

We also need to follow directions, and listen to our parents.

If we’re going shopping and Papa says don’t get on the cart, then you have to not get on the cart.

I can also help my baby sister not get hurt.

Adam and Eve were the first ones to get on earth.

But because of their choices, they had to leave the Garden of Eden.

Sometimes we all make bad choices.

We have to repent.

We have to pray to God, say I’m sorry to the person, and promise never to do that again.

Jesus makes it possible for us to be made clean again through the atonement.

I have a testimony that good choices make us happy.

I know that if we keep the commandments, and repent after bad choices, that we can live with Heavenly Father again.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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