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1 Nephi, chapter 14, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:


Only when those who would become children of God
listen to Him as a Father, and trust Him enough to do as He says,
only then will He talk to them as a Father talks to His children.

The Lamb of God, who is the Son of God,
is like a father to those who through Him can approach the Father.

When those who are not of God discover this atonement
that makes them children of God,
even children of Heavenly Parents of which they are already,
then He will lift their burdens
and remove their banishment
and lighten their hardship
and soften their hearts.

They will no longer be without His blessings
when their hearts are inclined toward Him.

Not yet perfected but wholly His,
they will be welcomed home as children
rather than exiled as captives.

The story of Hell, not told truly by The Satan, or evil one;
Hell is the simply the consequence of being away from God.

The emptiness of Hell is endless,
just as the fullness of progression in God’s presence is never-ending.

These are opposites: emptiness and fullness.

People choose emptiness or fullness,
and they choose not this choice, but its consequence.

They choose their own consequence themselves,
and the evil one leads them to believe they have lost
when God says they have already won.

Like the evil one, some false churches
do not tell truly, or wholly,
as the evil one tries to hide pieces of truth from us,
the pieces that make people whole,
the pieces that lead people back to God.

The evil one wants to drag them down
to endless emptiness, away from God.

This is their destruction: to end their progression
by keeping them away from God,
by filling them with emptiness.

When the Lamb of God has made atonement,
and conquered death to gift resurrection,
then returning to God’s presence is possible
and our progress – in bodies made whole – is never-ending.

It is Hell to think this is not so, even false.

Even the evil one depends on God’s righteousness,
demanding justice that people might be condemned.

This is how he tries to carry them away captive into emptiness.

The angel messenger continued explaining to me, saying,
“You have seen the Gentiles, and those not of the covenant.
You have see those who should keep their covenants, but do not.
You also know what it means to choose covenant keeping.
You know the Lord’s covenant with the house of Israel,
and with all those who keep their covenants.
You know the blessings they receive,
those who keep their covenants,
and the never-ending progress they make
as they continue on in the righteousness of God.

“But you also know that those who do not make
and keep sacred covenants,
have only emptiness and no progression,
as do those who make covenants but do not keep them.
Without repentance, then, they are doomed.

“This is the natural consequence chosen by those
who move themselves so far away from God.

“This is the warning you must give
to those whose hearts are turned against God
rather than inclining their spirits toward Him.

“The time will come, says the Lamb of God,
when I will win the battle against the evil one
and all the people will marvel in wonder at what God has done.

“Those who keep their covenants
will have hearts connected to God by light,
like warmth and provision granted to a poor man.

“The time will come, He says,
when people must choose,
and their choice will be evident
in whether they make covenants or not,
and in whether they keep those covenants or not.
Doing so will give them peace in life eternally,
and not doing so will destroy them
as their own blindness keeps them captive
and as they will not be able to see God.

“That will be their darkness,
to be so far away from God.

“That will be their Hell,
both temporally and spiritually,
now and later.

“You must try to persuade them,
even convince them,
of the fullness of these truths,
and tell them of the covenant of love.”

Then the angel asked me
if I remember that covenant of love,
this plan of happiness,
and I said that I did.

He said to me, “then you know
that there is only this covenant of God’s
and deals made with the devil;
there is only the priesthood of God
and the false priesthoods of the evil one.

“The fullness of His priesthood
is in the church established by the Lamb of God
as part of His covenant;
none of the others are whole
or wholly accurate
or with authority
or of the covenant
because they are the distractions of the devil.

“Therefore, those not of His church
are tricked by the priesthood of the devil
who is the false god of this world
rather than heeding this world’s creator,
or His Father, the Father of us all,
and experiencing the fullness of His priesthood.

“This is the worst abomination of the devil,
to keep people from His priesthood
and so also keep them from progression.

“God’s covenant comes through the priesthood,
and His blessings spring forth from obedience to its laws.

“When the devil isolates people from God’s priesthood,
he takes them captive away from the fullness of God’s blessings.

“In this way, he holds prisoner many people, cultures, and families
who barely remember what they are missing.

“There are few who truly remember,
who do the work to remember,
while the rest sleep walk through their faith
(feeling comfortable instead of convicted)
or sell themselves out for immediate gratification
(seeking pleasure instead of waiting on promises).

“This itself is a great sin against God,
wasting the mortality He gave them,
and a day will come when the true Church can only help a few
because only a few will want its help.

“The rest of the world will gather in its illusion of power,
even trying to control nations through horror and threats of war.

“They will be so empty that only darkness fills them
until they declare war on God,
even the Lamb of God
and His priesthood
and His covenant keepers.”

But I, Nephi, saw for myself
the power of God
and the power of His people,
their power gained through His righteousness.

I saw that as the families of saints kept their covenants,
power came upon them from God
no matter where on Earth they lived.

This was their weapon, the righteousness of God,
even as they organized themselves into families
and grew each other up in this righteousness of God.

Meanwhile, the wrath of God was poured out
through the natural consequences of war
upon those who had threatened so much of it.

Since the rest of the world did not talk about the things of God,
it meant they talked about the things not-of-God,
emptying themselves of light and truth
until they were dark and empty.

The angel told me again to look, and I did.
I saw this all play out in due course,
which grieved God whose course for them
had been the ordinances of His priesthood
now unclaimed by so many.

The allies of the Lamb of God
were His twelve apostles,
who have followed His course
through the ordinances (of the temple)
and could see through darkness
because they were so familiar with His Light –
which is a promised blessing to all people,
all who will keep their covenants.

As the apostles met in Conference,
the angel said to me, “Look again!”
I looked, and I saw the Lamb of God,
even a Man of Holiness,
himself dressed in a white robe.

The angel pointed out one of the apostles,
who wrote down all these things,
even the things about the end of the world itself.

What he wrote was justice and truth,
and was previously documented in the book of the Jews.

When first documented in the book of the Jews,
those things were still pure and also truth,
even simple and easy for all people to understand.

The book of the Jews was precious to them,
and helped them progress as God,
which is why the evil one tried to change it
that he might take it from them
and so take their progression from them.

The angel told me then,
that the apostle would write the rest of what I saw
and so I ought not write them
for that apostle was ordained
by God’s priesthood
in his priesthood office
to write the things which we saw.

Other witnesses would write of it also,
and be shown everything that has been written,
that their testimonies will be signed and sealed
in accordance with these truths.

The Lamb of God, then,
will reveal when the Father declares
it to be the appropriate time to reveal these things
to all of Israel and her covenant-keepers.

I also testify of the name of that apostle
who documented everything;
I testify that his name was John.

It was the angel who told me
John is his name,
and that John is an apostle
of the Son of God.

This, which seems like a lot,
is only the very small part of what I was permitted to write.

I testify that these things are true,
and that I saw and heard these true things,
but I cannot write more of them at this time.

I testify of the Father and the Son,
and what I saw and heard,
and what the angel brought to my attention,
and what we talked about as the Spirit instructed me,
and that there is more of what I have seen
that cannot be written
but what I have written is true,
and I say it is true.


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