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1 Nephi, chapter 13, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:


Now understand that the angel continued teaching me.

He spoke to me and said,
“Look! And tell me what do you see?”

I looked, and I saw
many nations and governments.

And the angel said to me,
“These are the nations and governments of the Gentiles.”

I watched as a large church

Among these Gentile nations,
I watched as a large church was founded.

And he spoke to me and said,
“This is the most appalling church ever founded.
This church is killing the saints,
tearing families apart instead of establishing them,
and torturing the faithful instead of heeding them.
They have imprisoned many instead of themselves being set free,
burdened them instead of supporting them,
binding them up instead of themselves being sealed in holy temples.
They have imprisoned them with false testimony
instead of hearing what is true.
They have yoked them with false governments – [see Daniel 7 and 8]
set to destroy the priesthood of God,
that government which cannot be destroyed,
trying to cut them off from being God’s people
[instead of letting them be a people set apart by God].”

I watched [what this church was doing],
and saw these despicable things,
and observed how the people had let the government
institutionalize the things of Satan
[instead of the things of God].

Further, I saw as tokens of the adversary’s government
the people’s desire for wealth, even gold and silver,
the people’s desire for comfort, even¬† expensive materials and excess and fashion,and the people’s desire for sex –
which had become the ruling measurement
of culture and business and government
[instead of being held sacred].

“This,” the angel said, “was intentionally begun
as a distraction to the people
to further corrupt the government,
and to trap the people within it,
making both more despicable than before,
until the people were owned by it
and had sold their souls for pleasure.”

Those who had lost their souls
lost their craving for God
and had no hunger for spiritual things.

And those of the adversary’s government,
even his priesthoods,
actually loathed Him.

And all this,
even the death of their own souls
and the cutting off of themselves from God
in exchange
for illusions of praise
and pleasure.

Whereas the people of God
gave up their lives
and their livelihoods
and the praise of men
in exchange
for honoring His priesthood
and remaining faithful to Him.

While the despicable church
began to destroy the world
and the things of God,
the true Church
humbled themselves
and will receive a celestial world.

The false government
tried to put the true Church
into captivity,
not understanding that they themselves
were already held captive by Satan.

Then I looked (again) and saw
the vast oceans
that separated the Gentiles [in Europe]
from my brother’s descendants [in the Americas],
even protecting them for a time.

Then the angel said to me,
“Watch God’s judgment fall upon the descendents of your brothers.”

I looked and watched a Gentile man
far across the ocean [in Europe].
I saw the Holy Spirit of God come upon the man,
and saw what was revealed to him,
and the inspiration that was given to him,
and how the way was made possible for him
to accomplish the task given Him by God.
I watched as he crossed the great ocean [from Europe to the Americas],
even finding the people of my brother’s descendants.

I saw that all this was appointed by God
to reunite the people of Israel
and to deliver to to them all
the consequences they had chosen
due to treating each other so cruelly.

I also saw other Gentiles
suffering and burdened and trapped
by an incongruence between their temporal world
and spiritual hearts.
I saw their hearts cry out to God,
and I saw God answer their prayers.
I saw the Holy Spirit of God deliver these people from captivity,
even across the great ocean,
even multitudes of them crossing the impossible waters.

I saw them arrive there,
in the land of promise,
in what was to be our land of promise,
knowing that promises are kept
only by covenants.
And that without covenants,
promises are lost.

I saw the descendants of my brother
not keep their covenants
and lose their promises,
even this land
as masses and masses of Gentiles swarmed them.

This was the judgment of God
in response to the consequences chosen
by my brother’s descendants
who did not keep their covenants:
to be conquered and scattered by Gentiles
who were trying to be faithful
to what they did know
even though they did not have
what we did know.

I saw the Holy Spirit of God
come upon these Gentiles
whose trying counted as acts of faith,
and I saw them prosper
and win our land from us
because we had not listened to our God.

I saw the people who were pure,
and the land that was beautiful,
like the promises we once held
when we were covenant-keepers
before corrupting ourselves
until we had destroyed ourselves.

So it happened, that I, Nephi,
saw how the Gentiles showed humility before God
and so gained His favor,
even unto gaining the land of promise.

I saw the ancestors of the Gentiles,
the other peoples from which they had come,
grow angry and gather against them
when they heard of their prosperity
gained in the land of promise.
I watched as those other armies
gathered against these promised land Gentiles
to battle on the oceans
and in the land of promise.

I saw how the Holy Spirit of God
was upon the promised land Gentiles,
while the judgment of God
was against their ancestor peoples
who had gathered against them in war.

I saw and knew,
even now have a testimony
that the Holy Spirit of God was upon the promised land Gentiles
so much that they were delivered
from spiritual captivity across the ocean
and from the raging wars brought against them in the land of promise.
And I watched as they,
these promised land Gentiles,
did flourish there
in the promised land.

I saw also that they carried a book,
bringing it with them to the promised land.

And the angel said to me,
“Do you know what that book is?
Do you understand what it means?”

And I said to him, “I do not know anything about it.”

And he said to me,
“It is the book of the Jews.”

And I looked again, to see it.

And he said to me,
“This book you are looking at
is the Jewish record.
It contains the story of the history of the Jews;
the covenants of the Jewish people
made by the Lord
with the House of Israel; and
and the words of their holy prophets
and the things which they prophesied.”

The angel told me it was a book
like our own records brought from Israel,
our records engraved on plates of brass,
except not as many.

This book, the angel said,
contained the covenants of the Lord
made to and with the house of Israel.

These promised land Gentiles, he said,
craved covenants
and so held this book in high esteem.
This was their act of faith,
holding sacred what was sacred
even when they did not yet fully understand.

And the angel of the Lord said to me,
“You already understand this book,
that it was handed down among the Jews
as a history of their people,
their covenants,
and their prophets.”

[“Now let me add]
that in the beginning,
it contained the fullness of the gospel of the Lord,
as the twelve apostles bear record –
even of the fullness of the truth
you have already found in the Lamb of God.

[“You need to know, then,]
that this record was passed
from Jew to Gentile in purity,
even as ordained and commanded by God.

“But when the people quit listening to the twelve apostles,
even the apostles of the Lamb of God,
they strayed like lost sheep from the Shepherd.
That straying from the words of God,even unto the confusion of the people,
this was the beginning of that despicable church
begun by the priesthood of the adversary
to destroy the people of God.
This is when they removed tiny pieces of truth,
just enough to cause confusion among the people
who were not listening also to the prophet
who clarified the teachings of God.
The adversary’s goal here
was to do away with covenant making
and try to rid the world of covenant keepers.
The adversary did this
because he knew God was not bound by promises
when people were not bound by covenants.
In this way,
if the adversary could do away with covenants,
he knew he could do away with God’s people –
even to the cutting them off from God.

“So you can see how the adversary
perverted the ways of God
by letting people
pervert His words,
changing a little here and a little there
as the record was passed down and around,
until the sacred things of God were forgotten.

“So then, it wasn’t until this book
was missing the fulness of truth,
only containing some truths
but missing many things,
only then was it passed from Jew to Gentile.
And it was after that
that the Gentiles brought it here
to the promised land.That’s how Gentiles craving covenants
came to the promised land
without them.
The adversary knew
if he could make people confused
and remove the sacred things
until these things forgotten,
then not only could he cause the people to stumble
and their faith to flail and fail,
but he could win over their hearts
because he had hidden their potential to accomplish Godhood.
All the people need to do is remember,
and all the adversary needs to do is make them forget.

“But regardless, you saw [the temporal act of God in that]
the Gentiles left [spiritual] captivity
and were blessed [for this act of faith]
over all other nations in the land of promise
[who had access to covenants but did not keep them].

“That said,
because of the covenants God made with your father,
your descendants will not be completely destroyed
by the Gentiles
if your descendants will keep their covenants
[or seek them out if they do not know them
or remember them].
“And that said,
the Lord will not hide covenants from the Gentiles forever,
not when they have so earnestly sought them for so long.
He will not leave the Gentiles without the missing truths
and fulness of His words
[but will restore that fulness to them],
and because their misunderstanding
is a consequence of those who stole pieces of truth so long ago,
those at the heart of false priesthoods and priestcrafts.

So those who hunger for covenants
will receive them,
and the restoration of the fulness of the gospel
and its truths in its entirety
will be a mercy to them,
a tender mercy from me
and by my power
to deliver sacred things
in sacred places,
says the Lord.”

And the angel continued, telling me that
“the Lamb of God declares
He will even reveal Himself
to your descendants,
and record even more things for their descendants,
and deliver it to all people
so that even after the extinction of your own descendants
the fullness of His gospel will be revealed to all people
as a gift
and by the power of the Son of God.

“And in these records, He says,
will be the sacred things missing
from the record of the Jews given to the Gentiles.
And blessed will those people be,
[even welcome in my House].
Then they will be able to access the fullness of the gospel,
even the priesthood of God,
with full access to the Holy Spirit of God
and the strength He gives to endure all things
and accomplish the tasks assigned [by God].
These who are faithful
will have the capacity [and permission]
to take advantage of the eternal kingdom
and its powers,
even to speak peace,
and spread joy,
as they will be made perfect –
whole and complete –
in the holy temples of God,
even shining pure and white.”

So I looked, and I saw
my brother’s descendants
and the book of the Jew
given to the Gentiles
brought to the land of promise
where my brother’s descendants lived.

And as I watched,
I saw other books also published,
restored to the people by the power of God,
this time first convincing the Gentiles
and then convincing the Jews
who would one day be scattered upon the earth.
But then, all people
would have access to all pieces,
even for the convincing them
that the records of the prophets
and the twelve apostles are real and true.

And the angel spoke to me again,
saying, “These final records you see
restored to the Gentiles in all fullness
are records that establish the truths
in the first book,
the book of the Jews
given to the Gentiles who brought it it to the land of promise.
It explains it, and defines it, and confirms the truths
that book originally held.
This book will be made available
to all people in all cultures
in all countries in all the world,
and by it they may return to God
but without it cannot be saved.
“This is because they must return to God
by the words given by the Son of God
[and cannot return to God
by the words taken away and hidden by the adversary].
They must return by prophet
called by the Son of God
and the records restored to His people.
For God is our Eternal Father,
and His Son is the Savior of the world –
the One who is charged with rescuing us
and returning us home.

“The time will come
for Him to show Himself to all people,
even the Jews and the Gentiles both,
except this time
the Gentiles will know first,
and then the Jews.

In this way,
the last [Gentiles] will be first,
and the first [Jews] will be last.


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