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1 Nephi, chapter 11, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:


So when I wanted to see
the things my father had seen,
then I requested (in prayer) to see them,
believing that the Lord, my Master,
could show them to me.

I settled in to sit thoughtfully,
pondering in my mind and in my heart,
and then the Spirit of God
sustained my requested
by carrying me away
in a vision
to a very high mountain
I had never before seen
nor knew the way to visit there.

And the Spirit asked me,
“What do you desire?”

And I answered
that I desired
to see the things
seen by my father
(and to know the words
taught to him).

And the Spirit asked me,
“Are you a believer?
Do you know and have a testimony
that your father saw the tree
the way he said he did?

And I answered,
“You know,
as well as I,
that I believe all my father’s words
and live obediently
to the knowledge obtained from them.”

When I had spoken these things,
and confirmed them by covenant
(and confirmed them by the evidence
that I am a covenant-keeper),
the Spirit called in a great voice, saying,
“Please! Know this!
We declare the salvation
accomplished by
the Lord, our Master,
who is God superior to all other
children of His Father and our Father
because He is God of all the Earth
and above all
those upon the Earth.

“And you are welcome here,
in the Lord’s presence, Nephi,
because you are a believer
in the Son of the highest God,
as evidenced by word and faith (testimony)
and by deed (obedience and covenant keeping).
Therefore, look and see
what you requested to see
because your prayers have been answered.

“Understand, Nephi,
what you see,
and let it –
both the seeing and the understanding –
be a sign to you.
Know (by seeing and understanding)
that after you see the tree
upon which sprouted the fruit
that your father tasted,
you will also see the heavens.
When you look at the heavens properly,
(properly prepared to see and understand),
you will see a man descending
and you will understand He is the Son of God.
Testify of Him!”

Then the Spirit said to me,
“Look, and notice!”
I looked, and I saw a tree
similar to the one my father saw,
and the experience of the sight
was beautiful beyond beauty
and the light was so bright
it was whiter than fresh snow falling.

After I had seen the tree,
I said to the Spirit,
“I know and have a testimony
that you have brought before me this vision,
that I have seen this tree
that is more precious than any other.”

He turned to me and said,
“If this is true in you,
then what do you now desire?”

I said to him,
“I have seen the tree,
so now I desire to understand what it means.
Please interpret and explain it to me.”

I said these things
because I knew and understood
that this Spirit was in the form of a man,
and so I talked with him as a man,
for I now saw and understood
that the Spirit
was the very same Lord,
even my Master himself,
and so I spoke with Him
as one talks to their friends.

And then he said to me,
“Look and notice!”
I looked to see Him,
but then I could not see Him
because He had removed Himself from my presence.

The vision lifted,
so I looked again,
as He had commanded,
to try to see and understand,
and I saw the great city of Israel,
even Jerusalem itself,
as well as many more cities.

I saw the city of Nazareth also,
and there I saw a beautiful virgin,
this vision brighter than white,
like the vision of the tree,
which was very beautiful
and whiter than falling snow.

Then I saw the heavens open,
and an angel descended
and stood before me and asked,
“What do you see, Nephi?”

I replied to him, testifying of what I saw:
“a virgin more beautiful in sight
and pure in heart
than all other virgins”.

He asked me,
“Can you comprehend
the depths of the kindness of God,
or the breadth of His favor?”

I answered him, testifying that,
“I know He loves His children.”
Then I added,
“But I do not understand
the significance of all the things I see.
I do see, by faith, as I wanted to,
but also have faith and desire to understand.”

He said to me,
“Look! And notice!
Understand that the virgin you are seeing
is the mother of the Son of God,
even in the same way
your parents are your parents
in the flesh.”

Then I saw the Spirit of God
carry her away.

After she had been carried away awhile,
I kept watching and wanting to understand
(so the vision did not have to lift)
(and because of my faith),
until the angel again said to me,
“Look! And notice!”

I looked, and again saw the virgin,
now holding a child in her arms
near a manger.

The angel said to me,
“Please! Look!
See and notice
the Lamb of God,
even the literal Son
of the Eternal Father!

“Can you grasp
the interpretation
of what your father saw,
or comprehend its explanation?”

I answered him and said,
“Yes, it means the love of God
is flowing to the hearts of the people,
binding them as couples in families,
and so I understand this love of God
as couples and in families
to be the most valuable love of all.”

He replied to me,
“Yes, this sealing love
makes the soul exceedingly happy
and brings the couple
and their families
eternal life.”

And after he spoke these words to me,
he turned to me and said,
“Look! And notice!”
I looked and I saw
the Son of God
amongst the people
(even those outside the covenant).

I saw many bow before Him
and pray to Him.

Then I realized
and understood
that the rod of iron
[literally: “extension of blessing”]
which my father saw
was the word of God
sent by messengers of heaven
(angels and prophets)
to the people
so they could be nourished
and refreshedas if by living water,
and that these words of prophets
lead the people
as families
to the love of God

I also realized
that it is by the words of prophets
we are able to come to understand
God’s eternal love for us
as well as His plan
that exhibits that love.

Then, again, the angel turned to me
and exclaimed, “Whoa!  Look and notice!
See the great kindness and deep charity
in the voluntary descent
of the Son of God
to His Father’s people.”

I looked, and I saw
the destiny of eternity
without a Redeemer,
and (was relieved to see)
the Redeemer of the universe,
of whom my father had spoken
(and taught me).

Then I saw the prophet
who said (promised) he would
plow the way ahead of the Redeemer,
who had come to plant seeds
(and bring life and nourish it).

The Lamb of God
saw the prophet
baptizing people
as he was commanded to do,
and the Lamb of God
saw how the prophet
strived to be worthy of obedience.
The Lamb of God went to the prophet
to be baptized
by immersion
as He Himself was commanded to do,
and so He was also striving
to be worthy of obedience.

After he was baptized
by immersion
by the prophet,
I saw the heavens open
and the Holy Spirit
came down from the sky
and rested on Him
as if in the form of a dove.

Then I saw the Redeemer
proceed to fulfill His Office,
and officiate
as He served the people
with great power
(from strict obedience)
to the glory of His Father
who commanded Him.

In this way,
He – the Lamb of God –
was appointed and ordained
to gather masses of the people,
that they might listen
for which they had waited
from their Father-in-Heaven.

But then I watched as,
instead of receiving further instruction
from their Father,
they drove out His Son,
expelling the One
sent to them
as mediator.

I also saw
that only the twelve
(two plus ten)
continued to follow Him.

Then the vision lifted,
and they were carried away
by the Spirit,
and I could see them no more.

Then the angel spoke to me again,
commanding, “Look! And notice!”
I looked, and again I saw the heavens open.

Angels descended from heaven,
with the priesthood of God,
bringing it to the people
by service to them
that they might properly officiate
themselves once again
by service to their Father
through service to each other.

And again the angel spoke to me,
saying, “Whoa!  Look!”
I looked, and I saw
the Son of God
with His priesthood organized
(as two plus ten),
walking amongst the people.

I saw the masses of people
who were sick,
afflicted with all kinds of diseases
of the mind and body,
and contiaminated
by unpure demons and spirits.

The angel spoke
and showed me all these things.

Then I saw the Lamb of God
and the power of His priesthood,
healing the people
and expelling the demons and spirits.

Then the angel turned to me again,
and said, “Look!  And notice!”

I looked and I saw
the Lamb of God
taken by the people
just as their faith was sprouting,
and they set him to trial
and sentenced him by law,
the world judging and condemning the One
sent to liberate the universe.
I saw for myself
that this really happened,
and I testify that this is true –
or, rather, that it will be true.

And I, Nephi,
saw him raised up
on the cross of punishment,
while they killed this innocent One
for the sins and guilt of others.

After I saw him killed,
I saw the vulgar mass of common people
united to fight
against the missionaries (apostles)
of the Lamb –
for thus were the two-plus-ten called
by the angel of the Lord
as he spoke to me.

And so the mass of people
united together against the apostles.

I saw them gathered
in the big and wide building,
like the building my father had seen.

The angel of the Lord, our Master,
spoke to me again and said,
“Look, and please notice,
the so-called wisdom and knowledge
of the world:

“This is foolishness,
not wisdom,
for the House of Israel
has gathered itself
to fight against the twelve
(two-plus-ten) apostles of the Lamb
instead of receiving
their messages and instruction
from the Father,
and so being gathered by Him
as promised.

When I looked at this,
I realized – and now testify –
that the great and wide building
was the pride of the people
in this world.

And that for pride,
its untimely fall
is always a tremendous defeat
for all people.

And the angel of the Lord
taught me more, saying,
“This is how
complete the destruction
of the city
and the ruin of the people
will unfold,
even for all families
of any language
in every country
that fight against
the apostles of the Lamb.”

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