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1 Nephi, chapter 7, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:


Now I want you to know
that when my father, Lehi,
finished prophesying about his descendants
(and how to shepherd them),
the Lord, our Master, spoke to him again, and said,
“It is not good for you, Lehi,
to take your family out to the desert alone.
It is necessary for your sons
to take women with them,
so that they (can) grow up (themselves)
and bring up children
to the Lord
in the land appointed
(for you and for them).

And then the Lord, our Master,
commanded him (my father, Lehi)
that we – my brothers and I, Nephi –
should again go back to the land of Jerusalem,
and bring back to the desert
(our father’s friend) Ishmael,
as well as his family
(with whom we already had agreements,
including betrothals to his daughters).

And so I, Nephi, and my brothers
arose and rushed out
like a flock let out (of the gate)
and hurried through the desert
back to Jerusalem.

There we went to Ishmael’s home,
and discovered we (were still) in his favor,
and (his family, or his daughters, still) charmed us,
and we found grace in their home
and in their father Ishmael’s eyes
because we were united together with them
by the words of the Lord.

And the Lord, our Master,
softened (the already) tender heart of Ishmael
and his family
so much (to the degree that)
they went with us to the desert,
even to the tabernacle (for marriage covenants),
and to live with our family
in the tents of my father
as one of us,
as one big family.

And so then as we traveled in the desert,
Laman and Lemuel started a revold
with two of Ishmael’s daughters,
and the two sons of Ishmael,
and their families also rebelling against us
and the ordinances of the tabernacle,
and against my father
(as patriarch and prophet),
and against me,
and against Sam,
and against their own father, Ishmael,
and his wife (a different mother than their own),
and his three other daughters (by the other mother),
all because of the “freedom”
they thought they wanted
but didn’t understand
they were actually getting.

This uprising
was because they begged repeatedly
to go back to the land of Jerusalem
(to be married there
instead of in the tabernacle of our father).

I, Nephi, was so distressed
and disappointed,
that I grieved,
saddened by the hardness of their hearts.
So yes, I knew that I had to speak to them,
especially and particularly to my brothers
Laman and Lemuel, and say,
“See here, with the (priesthood) keys you have,
how is it possible
for you to have so much hardness in your heart?
With the things you know,
how is it possible
for you to be against the revelations of the Lord?
You rebel so much that I,
your younger brother,
have to call you out like this?
Why should I have to speak to you like this,
and urge you to be obedient,
and plead with you to keep your covenants?
Why is it that
it is me
that must set an example for you
(instead of you for me)?

“How is it you
have not listened
to the word of the Lord, our Master?

“How is it you
have forgotten
you all saw the angel-messenger
of the Lord, our Master?

“How is it that you
have forgotten the words and stories
of the great things the Lord, our Master,
has accomplished
and has done for us,
even when he rescued us
so quickly from Laban,
so that we could accomplish our mission
and get the records
we were commanded to obtain?

“Yes, and how have you all
that the Lord, our Master,
could do everything for us,
and is capable of anything,
and will do whatever it takes
for His holy people
if they have faith in Him
and act like it?
So please,
let’s become faithful to Him
(and so also become holy
as He is holy).

Holiness to the Lord,
the House (people) of the Lord.

“And if we become faithful to Him,
we will get the land appointed to  us
(even celestial lives),
and in the future you will know
that the Lord’s words
about the destruction of Jerusalem
were fulfilled
(during your lifetime).

“We know it will happen
because all that which the Lord, our Master,
says is always fulfilled,
even this about the destruction of Jerusalem.

“You see,
very soon the Spirit of the Lord
will stop fighting for their sake.

“They rejected the Spirit
by rejecting the prophets,
even casting Jeremiah into prison.

“And they tried to seize
the livelihood of my father,
even to take his very life,
and then deported him from his land.

“Now see,
I say to you that if you
go back to Jerusalem,
(it will be evidence) that
you have strayed
(from your covenants),
and you will be lost,
(from your spiritual inheritance),
and you will perish with them
(both temporally and spiritually).

“So now, if this is your choice,
(then when) you go up (to Jerusalem),
know that you will remember my words
spoken (as a testimony against you)
(and you will not be able to forget them)
(because they are not my words)
but words given you
(as a final warning)
by the Spirit of the Lord,
and they are His words that I speak.”

So when I, Nephi,
said these things to my brothers,
they became very angry with me.

In fact, they were so agitated
that they began to (lose their temper)
and put their hands on me
and tied me up with ropes.
They wanted me to die,
and so left me all tied up
in the desert
as prey to the animals
of the open landscape.

But then I prayed to the Lord, our Master,
and I said,
“Lord, on behalf of my faith in you,
(or, as evidence of my faith in you),
(I know)
it is nothing for You
to spend some help on me.

“And so let me use my strength
to shred these ropes
(and know how to do so),
that I may tear out the knot
that has me tied.”

And when I prayed these words,
the Lord permitted me to cut
(just below)
the knot of the ropes,
that I was able to work out
my hand and my legs.
Then I stood again before them,
and spoke to them again
(play on words – implying:
testifying to them
by the word of Elohim).

And now they really resented me,
and it poured out
as they tried to get rid of me

one of Ishmael’s daughters,
and also her mother,
and also another of Ishmael’s sons
(of a different mother),
begged and pleaded for me,
even softening their hearts toward me
so much that they stopped trying to kill me.

Then they regretted their wickedness
and were sorry about their malice toward me.
They even bowed before me
and begged me to forgive them
for what they had done to me.

I did truly forgive them
completely in my heart
for all they had done to me.
But I also asked them to consider
praying to the Lord, our Master,
for the remission of their sins
(which I could not offer
but they still needed).

And they did.

(And I remembered
how very much
I was a son of Joseph
and also
urged them
not to trade their inheritance
as Esau did).

When they had finished
praying to the Lord, our Master,
we went on our way
back to our father’s tent
and the tabernacle of the Lord.

We did go there, to the tabernacle.

And after my brothers and I,
and also all the family of Ishmael,
reached the tabernacle,
we thanked the Lord, our God
(emphasis: now also the God
of those who had rebelled
while they had not let Him
be their God
while rebelling).

We offered sacrifices and a peace offering
(הַשְּׁלָמִים – an offering that expresses
gratitude to God
for blessings and mercies,
and an offering of which
the family eats the food,
and an offering which
is made after
fulfillment of a vow).



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