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1 Nephi, chapter 3, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:


And so I, Nephi, returned from speaking
(prayers as incense)
in the tabernacle with the Lord, our Master, and my God,
and went back to the family tents.

And so before him (my father, Lehi),
he (Lehi) said to me,
“See here, I dreamed a dream in me (I was awake),
about the Lord, our Master,
commanding me
that you and your brothers
need to go back (begging and courting)
to Jerusalem (for a purpose, and intentionally).

“For because, you see,
Laban, in his role as priest,
has the records of the Jews,
including: scrolls, registers, lists,
and the genealogy of my father
and those ancestors before him,
and these records are carved into tablets made of brass
(called “plates of brass”).

“So yes, the Lord, our Master,
commands me to tell you and your brothers
to proceed to walk (back) to Laban’s house
because (the Lord says) (he, Laban,
is released from his calling as priest
due to not honoring his priesthood)
(and so)
we are commanded to remove the records from him
(because the Lord is removing priesthood access from Jerusalem)
and so (you must) look for and rescue the records
and bring them (back here) to the (family tents in) the desert
(even to our tabernacle here in the desert).

“And now, look (at) your brothers
and notice how they grumble and mumble (under their breath)
(which is against Torah law)
saying that what I have asked them to do
is too hard.
They (Laman and Lemuel) don’t understand
that I have not required anything of them,
but that this is a commandment
from the Lord, our Master,
(and so I know they are not letting the Lord be their Master).

“So yes, go, my son,
and officiate (for this errand, on this mission),
sustaining the Lord as Master
(and so being an example to your brothers)
and enduring the grumbling of your brothers;but, because you have not grumbled,
(and because you do continue
to make the Lord your Master)
you will be favored
by the Lord, our Master,
with His grace and kindness.”

And so I, Nephi, said to my father (Lehi),
“I will go and I will do,
and proceed to accomplish
what the Lord, our Master,
whom I sustain,
has commanded us to do.
I know that the Lord, our Master,
imposes no commandment
on the children of men
(those outside the covenant)
or the children of The Man (of Holiness, see Moses 6:57)
except that He prepares and makes possible
a way for them
to execute,
to carry out,
and to perform
what has been commanded of them
by covenant-keeping
(and so become children of God,
within the covenant,
instead of only children of men)
(“more than human”, see Elder Corbridge, April 2014 conference),
and so becoming
the children of
the Son of
The Man of Holiness:
Holiness to the Lord,
the House (people) of the Lord.

When my father heard my words of response and commitment,
he felt very happy, even joyous,
because he knew
that (I sustained)
the Lord as my Master and my teacher,
and so had been blessed by him
(with my testimony).

And so I, Nephi, left (my father) and took my brothers,
me being an example to them,
following the same way back through the wilderness,
with our tents
(and the sorrow of my brothers),
to go back up to the land of Jerusalem.

And so when we arrived in the land of Jerusalem,
my brothers and I cast lots to see
“Who is he?”,
or, which one of us,
will be the one
that will go to the house of Laban.

And so the lot fell to Laman,
choosing Laman to go to Laban’s house.
Laman went to Laban’s house,
and sat and talked with him there in the house.

And from Laban, he (Laman) requested
the records and those records carved into brass tablets,
including the genealogy of our family.

And so Laban resented Laman,
and became angry with him (Laman).
He (Laban) threw him (Laman) out (of the house)
and nothing could placate him (Laban)
or appease his prideful temper.
Laban did not want to give Laman the records
(because of his pride,
for he knew he was released as priest
due to his bad behaviors
and would lose much power,
or, rather, that his power was already
a lost cause).

Also, he (Laban) said to him (Laman),
“You are a robber and a bandit
(trying to take my things
and wanting to usurp my power),
and so I am willing – even wanting – to kill you
(if you pursue this overthrow).

However, Laman did not want to pursue it,
and managed to escape,
though the records and tablets (plates)
which were now ours,
according to the Lord, our Master)
stayed with Laban.

Laman and my brothers (were) very annoyed
that their request had already been denied
(and so they behaved annoyingly
instead of understanding)
that my father, Lehi, had already said
that the word of God had already said
that this (mission) could be accomplished.
In their frustrated and prideful sorrow,
they were ready to return to my father
(and the family tents in the wilderness)
(instead of returning to the words of God
giving in the tabernacle).

But emphatically, I (Nephi) said to them (Laman and Lemuel):
“As the Lord, our Master, lives,
and as we are living,
we will not go down to our father
(or betray what he taught us)
in the wilderness
(or return to the family tents)
until we have completed our mission
(and so lived up to our tabernacle covenants)
as assigned to us by the Lord, our Master.”

Then I said (more kindly to them),
“So please, establish yourselves
as the faithful (sons he has called you to be)
(literally: “raise your matzah!”,
“raise the bar!”,
“step up to obeying the commandments
and keeping your covenants”)
and be humble
and let go of your pride,
and eat this bread of affliction
that you may appreciate
and even expect
the Lord, our Master, to deliver us
when we keep His commandments
(Prove Him!  That is covenant-keeping.).

“Let’s, then, go down to the land
our father inherited and possessed,
because he left behind gold and silver
and all kinds of treasures.

“Yes, (let) all this (our father commanded)
be accomplished
according to the commandments
of the Lord, our Master,
because he (our father, Lehi)
had knowledge
(by revelation, through prayer, study, and recitation)
that the inhabitants of Jerusalem
were already consumed (by pride) and wickedness,
and so the city would be destroyed.

“And this destruction is coming
because the people have rejected the prophets
(so now is not the time for us
to reject the prophets,
even the word of our father, the prophet).

“So yes,
(in response to your sarcastic grumbling,)
if my father also still resided in the land
after being commanded to escape,
he would have also died.

“So yes,
(in response to your sarcastic grumbling,)
my father (Lehi)
(not your father, as you are not obedient to him)
(and our family)
were forced to escape from the land
(where we had lived)
(outside of Jerusalem).

“And so you can see:
It is God’s wisdom that we
accomplish this mission
and obtain these records
so that according to His commandments
we may preserve these records
for our children and our descendants
and that we do preserve the records
in the language of our fathers
and our ancestors.

“And also that we preserve the words
and all the messages to us
from all the holy prophets
as delivered to them
by the Spirit of God
and by His power
(even that power of creation
that we may be organized
as the world in which we live is in Order)
through the prophets.
There have always been prophets
since the world began
(even since, by committee, the universe was created)
and so still there are prophets even today.”

In this way, I explained to
and convinced
my brothers that they might
show trust in God
by being faithful
in keeping the commandments
(and so become covenant keepers
together with Him,
or, children of The Son
of The Man of Holiness
that we, our family,
could become
The House (people) of the Lord,
Holiness to the Lord.

And so when we went down to the land
(where we had lived)
that we had inherited from our ancestors,
and we picked up our things
(for our mother)
(because we had left quickly)
and also gathered our valuables:
our gold
and our silver
and our precious things
from our home
and from the land
(to take them to Laban).

And when we finished collecting all these things,
we once more had to go back to Laban’s house.

As we entered in (to see) Laban,
we asked him for that which is due to us
by inheritance,
even the records themselves
and the tablets (plates of brass)
(upon which our genealogy
and records were engraved),
and for which we now delivered
(as allowed by law)
our gold and our silver
and all our previous valuables
(that we knew)
(he already desired).

And when Laban saw our valuables
and how very, very much it was (worth),
he lusted after it
(and wanted to take it from us
for himself).
He wanted it so badly
that he tossed us out
and asked his servants to murder us
so that he could keep our wealth
and estate – even our property –
(because he could not take our property
while we were still alive).

And so we escaped from the servants of Laban,
but had to leave behind our valuables
and property (deeds)
and it all fell into the hands of Laban.

While trying to escape,
we ran to the midst of the wilderness,
and the servants of Laban
did not catch up to us
because we hid ourselves in a stone cave
on the rocky hillside
(we hid in a grotto).

And here (in the grotto),
Laman was angry with me and my father,
as was Lemuel
(because he paid attention
to Laman’s words
instead of the instructions from our father).

So Laman and Lemuel then said
severe and difficult things to us
(me, Nephi, and my brother Sam)
and even beat us with a rod.

When they beat us with a rod,
an angel-messenger of the Lord, our Master,
appeared before them,
and said to them that Elohim
wanted to know,
“Why do you beat your younger brothers
with a rod?”

The angel-messengers then said,
“Don’t you know (understand)
that the Lord, our Master,
has chosen your brother (Nephi)
to prevail over you
(succeed where you could not)
(because he has kept his covenants)
and because of your bad choices
and your bad behavior?”

“Now look!  Know this!
All of you will again go up to Jerusalem
and the Lord, our Master, will be sure
that Laban will be delivered into your hands
(and so you will obtain the records
that you have been commanded to get),
and so we are sure
you will fulfill your mission
(because of what the Lord has promised to do for you).

And after saying all these things,
the angel-messenger left us.

Immediately after the angel-messenger left,
Laman and Lemuel again started grumbling and mumbling,
now even murmuring
(worse than before), saying:
“How is it possible that the Lord, your Master
(Master to Nephi, not them)
will be sure Laban is delivered into our hands
(that we may accomplish our mission)?

“Look!  He (Laban) is strong and dangerous,
and at least fifty men work for him and do what he says,
and he could also murder fifty,
so what’s to stop him from killing us, too?”

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