Isaiah 66

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During the Millennium, the Lord will live here with us (though our planet will be in a different place in the solar system), and we will still build temples (verse 1; D&C 124:39).  He also reminds us that He (Jesus Christ) is the one who made the world, and that only those who do the work to become holy as He is holy (those with contrite spirits) will be there to walk and talk with Him (verse 2; D&C 124:39) because they are the ones who will do the work to hear and understand and see and know and share and delight in all He has still to pass on to us.  He will not force “more” upon those who do not want even what He now offers.

Those who do not want more and do not prepare for His presence are an offense to Him, like those who offer fake sacrifices to look important, or who are not worthy to enter the temple, or who mock sacred things (verse 3).  Those who have not yet repented or do not work to become worthy will have fear in their hearts because they know they have ignored the call of God and tried to silence the voice of the Savior inviting them to His home (verse 4).  Only those who do what He asks are worthy of what He has to offer, and He will be able to discern the difference – leaving hypocrites in shame (verse 5).  The Lord will recompense them – give them what they deserve, what they have chosen, and by so doing make amends to those who have suffered – and His voice of this judgment will come from the temple (verse 6).

In contrast, there will be a great people who come forth as a nation, almost out of nowhere(verse 7).  A humble and scattered people will be gathered as a righteous and organized people – in one day (verse 8).  The Lord says He knows people will not believe this is possible, but if they look at all He has done they will know that even this is possible (verse 9).  This will be true of the Jews in Israel, as well as Zion in America (verse 10).  When we see all these things come to pass, we will know the Lord has kept His promises and we will rejoice in His accomplishments (verse 11).

The word “Jerusalem” means “place of peace”, and the Lord says that one day the city will live up to her name (verse 12).  He says that He will nourish and teach and minister to all who go there (verse 13).  This will be an example of the joy and peace that will reign throughout the world, all of us celebrating what the Lord has done and that He has accomplished according to our Heavenly Father’s plan (verse 14).  We will see and understand how He is both a God of justice and a God of compassion (verse 15).

The justice will come swiftly and thoroughly, as terrible as the prophets have warned, even such that few will survive (verse 16).  Those practicing sexual sin (“one tree in the midst”), break or mock covenants (“eat swine’s flesh”), and are full of iniquity shall all be destroyed (verse 17).  The Lord knows what is in our hearts and what we do in secret, and He will deliver the justice we have earned if we do not repent and claim the mercy He offers (verse 18).

All the people of the world, both the known world of Isaiah’s time, and the Americas (“isles of the sea”) that He had been shown but did not yet know the name for, all will have the opportunity to receive the gospel so they can better choose to repent and turn to the Lord and receive mercy (verse 19).  Thousands will respond, and this will be like an offering from the members of the church to the Lord (verse 20).  Out of these converts and those who testified to help convert them, will the Lord choose the presiding authorities for the Millennium (verse 21).  These righteous priesthood holders and their families will be blessed by the Lord for their work and service to Him (verse 22).

The Millennium will not be like now, where it is un-cool to understand the things of God, and sometimes even dangerous.  In that day, the whole earth will be filled with those who love the Lord, and we shall worship together (verse 23).  The righteous will remember the consequences of the unrighteous as they witness those who are destroyed, even seeing their bodies decay, be buried, or burned (verse 24).   Everyone will know the Lord has done what He said He would do, and that He has kept His promises.  Everyone will know of our Heavenly Parents, and of the plan that required justice but offered mercy to all who would receive it.


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