Isaiah 50

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After reminding the people that the Lord will fight their battles, the people seem to grumble a bit as if it is the Lord’s fault that any battles need fighting.  The Lord corrects the murmurers, reminding them that He did not forget them or abandon them or send them away into captivity; instead, the people themselves have chosen these consequences by both their poor choices and their refusing to repent (so that the Lord can help by fighting their battles) (verse 1).

The Lord tried to get the attention of the people, sending prophets to warn them and call them to repentance (verse 2).  Even the earth has given its testimony, with the Lord as creator sending dark clouds to cover the Light just as the people will feel when turn away from Him and do not have access to His Spirit (verse 3).  No one can misunderstand, because the Lord has made these messages very clear – even from Isaiah himself, who had a gift for speaking to the people so that they could really understand (verse 4).  There are no excuses for not understanding.

Isaiah then again shares with us his role as prophet.  It is not one that he chose, but he was chosen by God (verse 5).  He continued in his calling, even when it became hard, when he was persecuted, and even when he was mocked (verse 6).  He continued his mission to testify no matter what, because he knows the Lord will help him deliver the message he has been called to speak (verse 7).   Even though all the people may be against him, Isaiah knows that he is doing the right thing because the Lord has commanded it (verse 8).  Those who oppose him will pass away like a fad, but the Lord’s word will endure and every bit of it will be fulfilled (verse 9).

Isaiah then boldly dares the people to consider how any who have truly listened to the prophets and done what they have said, and in this way been obedient to the Lord’s will, none of these are still in darkness without guidance or comfort (verse 10).  Once we turn to the Lord, we have access to His power, His resurrection, His quickening of the spirit, His empowering, and His enabling.  We are not left abandoned.  This is a power greater than ourselves, and not something we create on our own – because it is Him who has done it for us (verse 11).

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