3 Nephi 26

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Jesus taught all the people, young and old (verse 1).  He gave them scriptures they did not have, the same speeches he gave the people in Israel, so that their descendants could have the same access to the same wisdom (verse 2).  He taught them all things, even about the end of the Earth and His future return (verse 3).  He taught the people that all of us would be judged by our fruits, the evidence of our choices, as to what kind of stewards we have been with our lives and whether we had made good choices or not (verse 4).  He told them of the resurrection, and “the mercy, and the justice, and the holiness which is in Christ”, and that this had always been – even before the world began (verse 5).

He taught them so many things they could not record it all (verse 6), but many things were recorded in these previous chapters (verse 7).  The things that were included were so that these things could be brought to the Gentiles as had been prophesied (verse 8).  When the people believe these things, and have faith to do according to what is written, then “greater things (will) be made manifest unto them” (verse 9).  But if they do not believe these things, and so will not do according to what is written, then “the greater things (will) be withheld from them” (verse 10).

Mormon wanted to write these greater things, to record everything, but the Lord told him not to so that the people could exercise their faith (verse 11).  So Mormon only included the teachings the Lord gave him permission to share (verse 12).  Mormon then testifies that the Lord “truly did teach the people… and show himself unto them” often, and that they had sacrament together (verse 13).  The Savior taught the people and ministered to them, even the children, who were so full of the spirit that they taught their parents great things – “even greater than he had revealed unto the people” (verse 14).

The people saw Him ascend into heaven after he ministered to them and healed them (verse 15).  The people gathered themselves again the next day, and “they both saw and heard these children; yea, even babes did open their mouths and utter marvelous things” (verse 16).  These things were so sacred that it was forbidden for anyone to write them down.

The disciples began to teach as many people as would come to learn, and to baptize them, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit (verse 17).  These people “saw and heard unspeakable things” so sacred they could not be written (verse 18).  The people taught each other, and ministered to each other, and shared all things in common with each other (verse 19).  They were obedient, doing everything the Savior had commanded (verse 20), and they called themselves “the Church of Christ” (verse 21).


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