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Dr. Christensen runs the professional site Parenting Class Solutions.  She and her husband decided to become foster parents when she witnessed the desperate situation of so many little ones who were ready to be discharged from inpatient services but had no placement available.  Their dramatic and award-winning story, Keeping Kyrie, tells their story of fostering more than eighty children in four years.  Ultimately, they adopted six special needs children that continue to keep them on their toes.  These experiences transformed Dr. Christensen’s clinical skills with personal experiences that have shaped her gift for supporting, educating, and healing families.  Other published writings are listed and linked below the books:


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From the cover:

How much can a life change in just five years?

For Emily Christensen, that span began with her conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and ended with the adoption of six children with special needs. But the highs and lows between those two points are almost too hard to believe: enduring cochlear implant surgeries, meeting and marrying the man of her dreams, grieving the death of both of her parents, becoming a chaplain, and fostering more than seventy children.

At the core of the story is an account of her ongoing efforts to save the life of her youngest daughter, Kyrie (pronounced keer-ree-ay). Born with captivating eyes and a full head of curly hair, Kyrie also came into the world with Pierre Robin Sequence, a disorder where her lower face and airway were not properly formed. First as a foster mom and then as an adoptive mother, Christensen has fought her way through red tape, endured tremendous physical discomfort, and upended her entire world (all with the patient support of her husband), just to help her daughter breathe.

Looking back, Christensen shares how those trials ultimately helped her to gather a unique family from the chaos of life. Her stories, both joyful and harrowing, mark out a path that has led her toward deeper faith and spiritual understanding, emotional and physical healing, and blessings that she had never imagined were possible for her.

A real-life page-turner, this memoir abounds with tears and laughter, surprising insights into our relationship with God, and hope for surviving those seasons of trial that come to everyone. “Living is how we gain our wisdom,” says Christensen. “I try my best, hopefully learn from my mistakes, and keep moving forward, one stumble at a time.”


Keeping Kyrie is now available in hardback from the major online retailers, or available on our parenting website in hardback and paperback, with or without autographs.  Thank you for your support!

Dr. Christensen has collaborated with her children on other books as well.  Baby Kyrie’s PRS ABC is an ABC picture book for medically fragile children, written with her two year old daughter.  CP and Me is a children’s picture book about Cerebral Palsy, written with her eight year old son.  Upcoming releases include children’s books on autism, deafness, foster care, and adoption.  Check out the children’s YouTube channel here, including playlists for education, parenting, and the popular song parodies and covers.  You can also follow the family on the Keeping Kyrie fan page on Facebook.



Baby Kyrie’s PRS ABC is an ABC picture book for medically fragile children.

Now available in hardback from the major online retailers, or available on our parenting website in hardback and paperback, with or without autographs.  Thank you for your support!



CP and Me is a picture book for children with cerebral palsy.  Now available in hardback from the major online retailers, or available on our parenting website in hardback and paperback, with or without autographs.  Thank you for your support!



Youth Today – Community Programs are Safe Haven for Foster Children


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