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Youth Today – Community Programs are Safe Haven for Foster Children


Deseret News:

  1. Homeland
  2. Cookbook Review: “Busy Moms” Cookbook (in print and online)
  3. Cookbook Review: Cast Iron Gourmet
  4. Covenant Motherhood
  5. Onward Alone: Women Left Behind by the Mormon Battalion
  6. Integral Recovery
  7. Anniversary Waltz
  8. The Return of Cassandra Todd
  9. The Old Testament Explained
  10. The Testimony of Luke
  11. Beholding the Tree of Life: A Rabbinic Approach to the Book of Mormon



BizzyWe – Milwaukee:

1.  Motherhood: Before and After

Deseret News – Salt Lake City:

  1. From contention to happiness: celebrating the mother-daughter relationship.
  2. 12 things to know about Purim
  3. A Messianic Jewish Perspective of Passover and the Seder Meal
  4. Tips for Living: Resumes are Dead
  5. General Conference Meaning in My Life
  6. Tips for Living: Healing from the Trauma of Husband’s Pornography & Sex Addiction
  7. Repentance as a Restoration to the Good
  8. Spiritual Preparation: The 10 Virgins
  9. Diving into Dating
  10. Family History Mission leads to family, ward blessings for one convert

Effingham Herald

1.  How to Learn Online for Free

FOX – New York

1.  Signs and Symptoms of Teenage Depression

Herald Times Online – Indiana:

1.  How to Tell Your Children You are Critically Ill
2.  4 Patterns of Intimacy Disorders and Addictions

KSL – Salt Lake City:

  1. Understanding the unexpected phases of grief
  2. A Marriage Prepared for Pornography
  3. Falling in Love, Staying in Love
  4. When to Seek Help: Signs that a child is being abused
  5. Tips for Talking to Your Children About Controversial News Stories

KTAR – Phoenix:

  1. 10 Signs of Autism
  2. Talking with your children about your ex-spouse
  3. How to Learn for Free Online

News OK:

1.  How to Learn for Free Online
4 Patterns of Intimacy Disorders and Addictions3.  Tips for Talking to Your Children About Controversial News Stories

NewsFeed Daily:

1.  How to Learn for Free Online



Family News Contributor Page

  1. Reflections and Resolutions
  2. Floppin’ around in grief

FamilyShare Contributor Page

  1. For the Groom: 5 steps for marriage success
  2. 5 tips for a positive relationship with your teen
  3. What is mental health?
  4. 6 ways to cope with depression
  5. Signs of anxiety
  6. Taking the first steps to saving your marriage
  7. How to rebuild a broken relationship
  8. Detecting passive-aggressive behavior in kids
  9. Signs of a gambling problem
  10. How to cope with a bipolar spouse
  11. 6 signs of depression
  12. 5 signs of ADD
  13. How to cope with withdrawal symptoms
  14. How to help a child whose parent is in jail
  15. Conquering fear
  16. Falling in love, staying in love
  17. Impact of infidelity
  18. How to live with OCD
  19. Talking with your children about your ex-spouse
  20. Exemplar of happiness
  21. Identity crisis – Deaf with cochlear implants
  22. How to get over jealousy
  23. Divorce: Parent Visitations
  24. Social Anxiety: Do social situations make you sweat?
  25. How to know when you need therapy
  26. How to recognize a gaming addiction
  27. Are you afraid? How to overcome your fears.
  28. Painting with words: What hearing people should know about sign language.
  29. 5 tips for finding a good marriage counselor.
  30. Signs of Post-Partum Depression
  31. When life is driving you crazy, 10 tips on maintaining mental health.
  32. Loving safely: How to cope with an angry spouse
  33. How to relieve stress
  34. Tips for breaking a pornography addiction
  35. When to seek help: signs that a child is being molested
  36. 5 Signs you may have ADD (adults)
  37. How to deal with adult ADD
  38. How to talk to your children about tragedy
  39. Can’t we all just get along? Being a peacemaker
  40. I thought I was offering healing, but it was me who was healed.
  41. Boot out Bullying
  42. 4 Reasons to study your family history
  43. 5 ways to bring God into your marriage
  44. How to Repent
  45. 10 Tips for Maintaining Mental Health
  46. Motherhood: Before and After
  47. Understanding When to Medicate for Childhood Disorders
  48. How to Talk to Your Kids About Ebola
  49. New Criteria for Addiction Assessment
  50. Intimacy Beyond Sex
  51. Parenting the Fearless Child
  52. 3 Signs You are in Love with Your Sin
  53. Top 5 Regrets of Those who are Dying


2012 – Real Intent – Pool Covers and my Hurricane Husband


2012 – Deseret News – “Today in the Bloggernacle” – Kansas City Temple Cultural Celebration

2013 – Deseret News – “Today in the Bloggernacle” – Letter to the Driver of the Jeep


2012 – Interviewed by Steve Kapp Perry for Deseret News


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