Book Updates

The first three volumes of my Book of Mormon commentary were released in paperback this morning!  CLICK HERE to see!  And please share the link with your LDS friends!   More of the children’s books dropped on Amazon this morning, … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 17 (rainbow covenant)

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 17. This chapter compares to Isaiah 7. This chapter, and all the way through chapter 24, is the next section in Isaiah’s teachings: his prophesies. This chapter begins the prophecies about the birth of … Continue reading

Hebrew to English: 1 Nephi 12 #lds #ldsconf #twitterstake #mormon

CLICK HERE to read my explanation of and disclaimer for this project. 1 Nephi, chapter 12, from modern Hebrew, through ASL, into modern English:   So then the angel said to me, “Look!  Look, and see your posterity and the … Continue reading