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CLICK HERE to read Alma 13. Alma continues his teaching of the people, confirming what Amulek had taught them.  His talk now focuses on the commandments, and their importance – even necessity – in our spiritual life.  He has presented … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 29

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 29. In the last days, the Lord “shall proceed to do a marvelous work among them” (verse 1). Anytime the scriptures use the word “shall”, that is covenant language, and it shows up in … Continue reading

#LDSConf – 2 Nephi 19

CLICK HERE to read 2 Nephi 19. This chapter compares to Isaiah 9. This chapter is all about prophecies regarding the area of Galilee.  Here is a paragraph from the Institute manual: The northernmost part of Israel, near the sea … Continue reading