There are many challenges to having five to eight foster children on any given day.

This is one of them:


I can make a nice little rap and sing “Put your gloves in your hat, and your hat in your sleeve!” I can even make up a nice little dance to go with it. I can say it so many times the kids start singing it soon as we pull into the driveway.

But that doesn’t solve the coat problem.

When you have at least one jacket, sometimes a raincoat, and a heavy coat for each child, not even counting backpacks, the whole lot of it turns into one big pile.

That’s when you call Grandad:


Because Grandads have ideas.

And this is a coat emergency.

So guess who hung out today, measuring and eyeballing and drilling holes?


He worked on it all day, while I did laundry and Nathan did rehearsals for Primary and Symphony both, and I cleaned house and finished reorganizing after setting up the new room.

I made coconut chicken and broccoli for dinner, gave six baths, and started tackling socks when he said it was ready to install.

I was super excited, and all his drilling and screwdrivering didn’t phase the sleeping babies.


Know what is the only thing that can make a girl happier than clean kids and a clean house?

“This thing,” as the Toddler frequently says:


Everything fits perfectly! Now they each have a hook for their backpack and their coats!


And the height is exactly right for all their snow boots to fit underneath!


I am so entirely, completely thrilled!

Thanks, Grandad!

Golden Visits

Look who we have just for the day on Saturdays, for the next four weeks!

It’s Golden! Our sweet baby that I stayed with in the hospital, and we brought home for a month. She had amazing grandparents, and I am so glad to help out, but so happy to hold her again!

I love this one so much!


OU Training

This is the training Nathan and I are at tonight, because ALL of our kids are under age 8!


I am actually super excited, even if it is just a lecture and not for CEU’s. This lady wrote the actual textbook on early childhood development and assessment. Literally.

Professionally, I am a fan.

As a foster parent, I am desperate.