Got my Bag!

I have been praying and praying my bag wouldn’t be entirely lost because it had ALL my cochlear implant gear in it. I was down to only minutes on my batteries, and so wanted to hear my husband’s musical that … Continue reading

$400 GPS

Yesterday morning was chaos, in part because it started with me getting to the gym and back early enough to let the dogs out and bring them back in before the fence guy arrived. It’s harder than you would think. … Continue reading

Morning Joy

No kidding, I am a morning girl and the early day is my favorite part. Well, that is true when I can go to bed on time. My job, however, makes that difficult. No one wants therapy at seven in … Continue reading


I cleaned out a closet tonight, trying not to just sit around missing Nathan, and found some memory-ish things. I found some pictures from when I was in Australia: A study on “red” that I did in 4th grade: My … Continue reading

Object Relations

I went to the temple yesterday, and it was a powerful experience for me. There are some experiences that always come with a temple visit: the presence of loved ones on the other side of the veil, the respite from … Continue reading

#Fertility News

If anyone feels squishy about fertility, skip this blog and wait for the next adventure. For us, this is part of our adventure and we have promised to document the quest. Today was our first visit to our new specialist, … Continue reading