Dental Smiles

I am at the dentist this morning, thanks to a broken crown that needs fixing. It means I got up at 6 to make it from Bartlesville to downtown Tulsa for a work meeting, which I left to drive to … Continue reading


Did we mention there was a water issue at the new house? Our first morning here, one kiddo got in the shower and then I did, same as always, except when I turned on my water, his water stopped. The … Continue reading


The film crew arrived this morning, right before I managed to sneak away and hide. They were very nice and polite and fun, and patient while I tried to answer questions. It was a nightmare, with me too anxious at … Continue reading

Fresh Air

It is ironic, I think, that when I am away from my kids, it is because I am playing with other people’s kids. What I love most is that my office is Planet Earth, and that to heal children we … Continue reading


It is 230 am, and I am finally almost finished with my work. Last night was long, with very little sleep. Today was long and hard and sad, with much work waiting at the end of the day. Finally, I … Continue reading