Trench Work

If you smell baby vomit, that’s probably me. We had a terrible time with Baby Girl yesterday, so much that we almost took her to the hospital.  She has such a small window of time to get enough food in … Continue reading


I am officially on retreat, and could not be thrilled. Well, maybe more thrilled if I were actually on retreat. I am in Muskogee, for three days of PTO I can’t actually afford to use but must, to attend orientation … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

We had a big week. Toddler started PreK, and she loves it. She will be three in June, and is already reading some and doing some basic math and knows so much! She was tested last summer because she was … Continue reading


I always begin my shift praying for the patients here, and their families, and my husband and the children, and this city, and my town, and my brother and his family, and my husband’s sisters and their families, and my … Continue reading