Dallas Night

Well, I was mostly right: everyone was exhausted enough to fall asleep… except Alex. Alex. Did. Not. Sleep. At. All. First of all, we were squeezed in like sardines, with all seven of us in a two person tent.   … Continue reading

Quiet Nights

When you work in a hospital, you learn that it’s part of cultural superstition that you are not allowed to ever be glad it’s “quiet”.  They think this will jinx it, and things will get busy again.  Instead, they say … Continue reading


I got to sleep in, spent the morning with my babies, and then managed to finish my PowerPoint stuff while the played outside this afternoon, and then enjoyed a Nathan date this evening! I needed this day off, and feel … Continue reading

Roller Coaster Mama

I haven’t slept in two days, almost, except for a short nap last night. Yesterday was a hospital visit for Kyrie, who is – of course – sick, just four days after our housewarming (chicken) party. Sigh. This girl. We … Continue reading

The Chicken Party

Even if you marry the exact perfect husband, there will be some things that are important to you that maybe you never even knew about before meeting him. For me, that was Miracle Mike.  I had never heard of Miracle … Continue reading