Jeremiah 52

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 52. Jeremiah records that the king reigned eleven years in Jerusalem (verse 1), before going against the Lord’s commands and being a wicked king (verse 2). The Lord grew angry with him because of his … Continue reading

Jeremiah 51

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 51. The Lord speaks to Jeremiah again, reassuring him that Babylon will suffer the consequences for what it does to Israel (verse 1). They will suffer the same destruction they cause (verse 3), and all … Continue reading

Jeremiah 50

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 50. The Lord spoke to Jeremiah about Babylon (verse 1).  While the people of Israel and its surrounding nations have chosen destruction by not living according to what the Lord said would be good for … Continue reading

Jeremiah 49

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 49. In this chapter, the Lord issues judgment to the Ammonites (verse 1), the people north of Moab who lived east of the Jordan River that is now Jordan and Syria.  The Lord warns them … Continue reading

Jeremiah 48

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 48. The Lord speaks out against Moab, the nation along the Dead Sea just East of Israel, now where Jordan stands, and these were the descendants of Lot (verse 1, 20-25).  The Lord says that … Continue reading

Jeremiah 47

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 47. The Lord also speaks to Jeremiah about the Philistines (verse 1).  The Philistines in the Old Testament show up in the time of Judges, and are in many famous stories.  When Joshua and the … Continue reading

Jeremiah 46

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 46. Again the Lord speaks to Jeremiah (verse 1), in reference to the Babylonians will conquer the Egyptians in the fourth year of Jehoiakim, the king of Judah (verse 2).  The Lord tells them to … Continue reading

Jeremiah 45

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 45. After Baruch has been so consistently faithful and diligent in helping record all of Jeremiah’s prophesies, even through much persecution and now captivity (verse 1), the Lord sends him a message through Jeremiah (verse … Continue reading

Jeremiah 44

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 44. As the people settled in Egypt, Jeremiah again received revelation from the Lord (verse 1).  The Lord showed Jeremiah the consequences the people had chosen (verse 2) because of their wickedness and refusing to … Continue reading

Jeremiah 43

CLICK HERE to read Jeremiah 43. When Jeremiah finished testifying to the people (verse 1), the rulers still did not believe him even after they had seen Babylon take Jerusalem (verse 2).  They wanted to go to Egypt, and did … Continue reading