Isaiah 66

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 66. During the Millennium, the Lord will live here with us (though our planet will be in a different place in the solar system), and we will still build temples (verse 1; D&C 124:39).  He … Continue reading

Isaiah 65

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 65. This chapter begins with the Lord’s answer to the questions with which Isaiah finished the previous chapter (compare to D&C 101).  The Joseph Smith Translation clarifies verse one, where the Lord promises He will … Continue reading

Isaiah 64

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 64. Isaiah describes how the Lord will return to Earth, with the Earth testifying in great intensity as it moves and shifts to unfold itself from its divided state (verse 1).  The valleys of the … Continue reading

Isaiah 63

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 63. The Lord says that when Israel is restored and redeemed, everyone will know it and understand it.  This will prepare them to also receive the gospel, though opposition will also increase again with greater … Continue reading

Isaiah 62

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 62. This chapter is about the New Zion (in both America and in Jerusalem) being restored and redeemed.  The Lord reminds us that He has worked for all these things to be accomplished from the … Continue reading

Isaiah 61

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 61. Isaiah, as a Prophet, is anointed to preach to the people and call them to repentance.  However, the Savior is the one who is sent to heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, … Continue reading

Isaiah 60

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 60. After speaking to people in apostasy, Isaiah sees the restoration and its great light in comparison to the darkness in which the people had been struggling (verse 1).  The darkness is great when people … Continue reading

Isaiah 59

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 59. While chapters 58 and 60 very much go together, this chapter is a monologue where Isaiah takes a time out to process all He has seen and learned.  He urges the Israelites to return … Continue reading

Isaiah 57

CLICK HERE to read Isaiah 57. This chapter continues the previous one, both being addressed to converts as well as members who have either left the church and come back or who are having trouble having faith in God because … Continue reading