Sarah’s Baptism

My brother, Kirk, and my niece, Sarah: Kirk, Sarah, and Sarah’s mom, Amy: The whole family: The closing song was How Great Thou Art, in honor of our dad who passed away last October. Sarah asked me to give the … Continue reading

Family Night

Mom and Me (I): “Grandma Neen” and my niece, Sarah: My brother, Kirk, and my nephew Cobie: My niece, Jessica, and sister-in-law, Carolyn: My niece Billie with Jess: Billie and Jess are staying the weekend with me and mom in … Continue reading

My Radioactive Mother

Mom had to be at the hospital in mid-town almost before dawn this morning, so that we could get her heart and circulatory system radioactive enough to take a picture. They wouldn’t let me blog the picture. I thought a … Continue reading

How to Tie

If you are five, you are big enough to play with Grandma’s old dollhouse. Excepting the doors are tied closed with a shoestring, and you don’t get to open the doors till you know how to tie them closed again. … Continue reading