1 Nephi 15: Holiness to the Lord, House of the Lord

CLICK HERE to read 1 Nephi 15. This chapter changes gears.  After Nephi’s pondering of his father’s vision, after his prayers to understand that vision, after the revelation that comes in response… after the unfolding of all these things, then … Continue reading

1 Nephi 13

CLICK HERE to read 1 Nephi 13. Chapter 13 continues Nephi’s tutoring session with the angel, with this chapter having a particular geographical/political/historical perspective. In his vision, Nephi sees “many nations and kingdoms” (verse 1), and the angel clarifies that … Continue reading

1 Nephi 12

CLICK HERE to read 1 Nephi 12. In response to his pondering and seeking understanding, Nephi’s vision continues. And in response to his asking for the interpretation of his father’s dream, the angel continues to explain to Nephi what the … Continue reading