Monday Prep Day

I don’t have many pictures from today because I missed most of it.  Nathan and the children let me sleep late, which almost never happens, but seems to always happen in this house.  The beds are delicious, and I know the children are safe here, and the boys of the family we stay with help me so much I could cry.  It’s like my body know we are in a safe place, and crashes in a way I can few places in this world.  I was so grateful, and felt more rested than I have in ages – maybe since I was here last.

When I finally got up, the children were dressed and had already eaten and had scripture study and were just waiting on play shoes, which were packed because we had arrived in Sunday clothes!  Nathan even had started laundry for us.  I was so grateful to all of them for their sweet help and good care.

Even Kyrie was feeling better, dressed and wanting to play with the “puppy” – who was so sweet and gentle with her!

The children were under excited to trade me Sunday shoes for play shoes!  We laid down the boundaries of staying with one of the Evanson boys and the boundaries for the “forest” before releasing them to the wild.  But then! Boy, did they fly out of the house!  I loved watching them run out and around the house past the chickens and into the woods.  What memories they are making!  

Once they were on their way, I walked Kyrie to visit the chickens.  She loved them so much!  She was shouting, “Come here, baby chicken!”

We were getting concerned because since her last aspiration incident and not feeling well on the way here, she has pretty much refused food orally.  It was bad enough this time we were having to push all her liquids via g-tube just to keep her hydrated.  We do have the g-tube, though, and so she can stay hydrated, and for that we are grateful.  

But by lunch, she had perked up again.  She spotted bananas on the counter, and those are her favorite!  We had sandwiches for lunch, and bread and cheese are other favorites.  She got pretty interested in oral eating pretty quick, and actually ate a lot (for her) at lunch and dinner!  We were so relieved!

When I laid Kyrie down for her nap, and swaddles and sang to Barrett, Nathan took the children with the Evansons on an outing!  They got to go to the lake and row boats!  I wish we had pictures, but obviously since I had to stay behind and all of them were on boats, we weren’t able to get any.  But I did share with their biological families that they got such adventures!  They had a blast!  This thrilled me to no end, and I loved hearing their stories as they tumbled back home again at the end of the afternoon. 

The afternoon, though, was more rest for me.  Both Kyrie and Barrett went down for naps easily, and slept the entire time everyone was gone.  I got to do my scripture study at my own pace, finish sorting our laundry and packing everything up in outfits for the week and trip home, and spent some time watching the sunlight dance in the trees.

This gleeful return of the children brought me back to the noise and chaos of so many little ones, which was soon multiplied by the rare excitement of them getting to play video games.  We don’t have them at our house, so it’s a special memory of playing them here, and competition was fierce!  They squealed and laughed and shouted at their racing cars until my ears burned, and I was very glad when it was time for dinner!  

There is so much noise, and so many voices, and such intense abandon in the most wonderfully healing ways. 

Sometimes I see how, that while Heavenly Father did not want Kyrie to have to endure all she has, our friendship with this family is one of the gifts we have been given through the experience – and such healing it has brought us as a family!

Dinner was a Cincinnati tradition for us, something they made for me that first summer we were life flighted here and again last year when we came back for palate repair.  We love it, and always feels good after our packed food on the drive here.  The children gobbled it up, and were great at getting showered and into their beds for “talking time” – which is only a tactic we use to keep them in their beds while they wait for everyone to shower before lights out, and reduce the chatter after lights out.

Nathan is currently reading  The Hobbit to them, while I finish putting away all our clean laundry.  We are as ready as we can be for the next few days, and as calm as we can be about it.  We will wake Kyrie again at 1130 tonight to give her the last feeding she will get until Wednesday night.  We hold out hope, though, for quick and easy procedures and a happier and healthier little girl by the end of the week.
Where there’s life there’s hope.

~ JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit

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