Dallas Night

Well, I was mostly right: everyone was exhausted enough to fall asleep… except Alex.

Alex. Did. Not. Sleep. At. All.

First of all, we were squeezed in like sardines, with all seven of us in a two person tent.  

It was hilarious, but cozy enough for a night of snuggles.

Except that Alex spent the first hour trying to lay on me – not like snuggling, but like his head on his pillow across from me, his torso on my feet, and his feet on my hips.  It was bizarre.  Anytime I moved to get away from him, he followed me. I finally had to risk waking the others by telling him to stop.

He spent the next hour banging out rhythms on the side of the tent, waking up Kirk and Barrett, and he kicked me in the face twice.   

Anber got mad at Mary about then, because Mary was sleeping hard and kept throwing her arms into Anber’s face, and Anber responded by scooting over onto my pillow and wrapping her legs around my arms in some kind of contorted position.

Alex then spent the next hour up and pacing around the tent – yes, walking around the two person tent with seven people trying to sleep.

He woke Kyrie at least three times, and it was a nightmare trying to get her back to sleep.

I’m not sure anyone slept much except Mary, who had her ears off and was on the diagonal opposite from Alex.

I am exhausted, and frustrated with him specifically, but so far have kept my cool and just had a chat with him about how today might be hard because he is tired and didn’t sleep, and we will get through it together.

He is trying hard, and was the first one out of the shower.  He and Kirk helped me take down the tent, and we got the car packed back up before breakfast time.  We had yogurt and blueberry biscuits, and that was lovely and gave everyone a fresh start.

Now we are taking time to play before being stuck in the car all day trying to get to Houston.

Kyrie can’t be in the car seat for too long at a time, so we travel slowly.  I specifically gave us an extra day to travel so we won’t have to hurry, and won’t have to be anxious about time.  This makes it easier for me to focus on them and their pace instead of pushing them more than they are comfortable – especially since I am on my own because Nathan is headed to Philly for a production.  We are all doing our best, and will get good rest at the hotel this week!

But playtime first!

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