Partying Our Heart Out

These are my early morning risers:

These are my sleepy heads:

Today was Kyrie’s birthday, and we had lots of celebrating to do.  But no one can celebrate until everyone is up and dressed and clean and ready for the day.  That means all the babies need new pull-ups, right?

Since our wheat allergy people are gone, I used the morning to teach the children how to make cinnamon rolls:

We spent the morning making little cakes, which I kept trying to explain needed to cool before we could put the icing on at the birthday party.  We barely squeezed in lunch before it was time for the party!

There were so many who wanted to play with us for the party, and she just cannot be around so many people, and we are on vacation, but we still wanted to thank so many people – so it seemed like a good day to use the live feed on the fan page to celebrate with so many who have helped this miracle baby make it to this miracle milestone.  We are so grateful!

Kyrie was worn out, for sure, and the other two preschoolers finally dropped for naps, too!

The second graders were busy during naptime, though!  I kept hearing squealing between the woods and our condo, and I finally peeked out because I thought Kirk had been hurt.  It turns out he was squealing with squeamish delight as Mary was trying to catch a lizard.  They spent FIVE HOURS trying to catch that lizard!  I have never laughed so hard!  Here’s a tiny clip:

Back home, Alex went to the workshop with Papa to spend some one on one time with him.  They had a blast, and made some very cool and creative stuff!  I love that they have this special one on one time together!

When naps were finally over, I split everyone up into different activities so they wouldn’t get stir crazy before the week is up.

Kyrie, though, bounces amongst everyone, especially Anber and Barrett.  She is very close to them both, in very different ways.  It’s fascinating to watch, and I so love that they have such good relationships.

I am supposed to be relaxing, but this is as close to a nap in the sunshine as I got:

Everytime we go anywhere, I unplug all the phones so the children can play with them.  We don’t actually use them or need them, and these things are relics.   Anber is old enough now to notice the letters on the keypad, and so she spent the afternoon “emailing” people on the phone by spelling their names.  It was pretty funny.

Kyrie hasn’t been eating much, and we have been more and more reliant on her feeding tube again.  So when she asked for lasagna, I went for it!  She has always loved tomato-based sauces, and it’s one way to pack in some nutrients when all she does is suck out the juice of her food and then spit it back out.

So when she asked tonight for lasagna, I made a vegetable sauce and packed the lasagna full of vegetable slices, too.  We had an excellent vegetarian lasagna, and she ate (and swallowed) two plates of it!

At one point, she dropped a squash on her chest and started screaming, “I squashed my nipple!  I squashed my nipple!”

These kids crack me up.

It was, I think, as best a birthday as we could have without Alex and Nathan, though we saw them on video phone a lot today.  It’s hard to finally be home and then missing them, but Nathan and Alex will join us after his meetings on Monday.

It’s also hard to adjust to being back home.  There is a lot of energy and work that goes into caring them, and bringing them here used to be easy-peasy for me because I was with them all the time.  Jumping straight from working 20 hour days to being alone with five of the children for the entire weekend by myself was a little rough for all of us.  They have grown so much, and I have missed so much, and it is all good, but time goes so fast!  We all have catching up to do.  They are all a little extra clingy, so I am running circles around them as they run circles around me, spending time with all of them together, and one-on-one moments, and activities with different groups of them.  I am glad we have this place, to come and re-adjust and transition back together as we prepare for what is next.

We have always come here to do that, whether that was with new fosters or after hospital stays with Kyrie, and now this.  It’s a tradition, of sorts, except it is exhausting to think we have needed this kind of tradition.  Nathan says we should have known because of how preparatory our engagement was for this – so much time apart, and the time together so very magical.

That’s us: magical, with a little bit of sticky slime on the side, and maybe a temper tantrum or two.

The kids have been good, though!

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