Birthday Work

For my birthday, Nathan and the children let me sleep all the way until 7am!

I was not impressed that it was time to wake up.

I was less impressed to waking up to more cochlear implant drama, as Mary keeps playing with them and breaking them as she never has before.  I was, at least, able to fix them this time, and got her ear cups (those little circles on the end that go in her ears in a way I do not have on mine) replaced with new ones because hers are always so gross.  That girl – and Barrett – have more ear wax than anyone I have ever known!  But she’s all fixed up now, and all our ears are working again.

The children were gone by the time I got out of the shower, but when I stepped out to get in my car, they had colored on the sidewalk.  How fun is that?

I made it to work on time because when the children are gone, it only takes me ten minutes to get ready.  That’s as opposed to when the children are home, and it takes ten minutes to get ready, but another two hours to actually pull out of the driveway.

I worked all day at one hospital, and it was crazy busy!  I also completed a project I have been working on developing the whole residency, so it felt good to have that finished.  I just need to find a skinny notebook to put the plastic sleeves in, and I am done.  Yay!

I worked my other job tonight, too, so how’s that for a birthday?

Excepting I am so grateful, because I love my work, and my family is provided for, and Nathan has been able to write this week.

And… drumroll… we have interviewed, offered, and accepted to officially hire some nannies!  It’s all done and settled, and they have all their paperwork for taxes done, contracts ready, and everyone has had their flu shots and whooping cough booster – because that’s how we roll around here.

They start Monday!

The kids are so excited, Nathan is relieved, and I am intrigued.

Our main nanny is a CODA, which is “child of Deaf adult”, and her name is Whitney, in case you hear me talk about her.  Her primary job is tutoring the second graders while I work with individually.  She will also be doing some personal assistant work related to the book.  We are so excited to have her!

The “fun Nanny” is Elizabeth, and she had a Deaf roommate in college.  She is nicknamed “the fun nanny” because she is giving the second graders cooking lessons twice a week so that two evening meals are covered for Nathan while I am gone, and taking all six on outings every other Saturday.  She also just has a super energetic and bubbly personality, and the kids are all in love with her.

Shawn has, in some ways, the hardest job, which is unfortunate because she’s the sweetest, and she will be running the children to school and therapy appointments for us.  She is the one who gets stuck in traffic and waiting rooms.  I mean, we will still go to regular and emergent doctor appointments, but we have six kids who are each in five kinds of therapy – that’s thirty appointments every week, not counting anything extra!  She’s going to be running the children around to the regular appointments that we don’t need to follow other than what the providers can update me via text anyway.

We also are all lined up for the new physical, occupational, speech, sensory, and developmental therapies for when we move to Owasso.  It’s so hard getting everything moved!  But we are set up as best we can be, at it feels good for it all to be falling into place.  Piano and dance teachers are ready to go, too, soon as we get home.

So yeah, I got nannies for my birthday.  Who ever could have guessed that’s how that would play out?  Not me, for sure, but you also never know what’s happening in our family.

Kyrie may or may not have shouted out, at the most inappropriate time, “Hey guys!  I have one bah-gina and two nipples!”   Oh my, these children.

The best thing, though?  Tomorrow is Barrett’s birthday.  We really, really need Barrett to be five.  He has worked so hard on growing up, and we want him to just be him, but we also want him to be safe and happy and that requires a little growing up even if we don’t want to push the rest of it.  In effort to help him and encourage him, we decided to make his very own music video!  We will post it tomorrow, but we thought of all the things we want him to learn, and made the video as if it has already happened.  That way, instead of fussing at him all the time, we can just sing the song with him and as he watches it over and over, he will be able to incorporate those things as strengths instead of what he is failing and in trouble for all the time.  We are so excited for him, and he was so proud of his movie!  We can’t wait to share it!  It’s so great!

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