Going Home

My chaplaincy residency is coming to a close.  The entire residency is finished in May, but I have one extra unit from before, and have a little one who doesn’t breathe, and a husband who misses me, and other little ones who need their Mama back, homeschool to do, and a family to fall in love with… that is my work.  That is my ministry, finally.  So it looks like I may finish in March, if I can even make it that long.  We are going day by day, my team and I, seeing how things are at home and what we need as a family.

I honestly don’t know what chaplaincy will look like in my future, but I have been obedient to what was asked of me thus far.  I will confess I am crawling to the finish line, or maybe even hobbling like one of those Olympic racers that falls down and gets carried the last bit.  I am grateful to have had the colleagues I have had, who have been so gracious and supportive while I learned to apply a bit of grace to my Self.

I am hungry to be home with my children.

My psych job in the ER is evenings, so it has made for long days to do a full time job at night after doing a full time job in the day.   But the evening shift is perfect because it means when chaplaincy residency is finished, I will have days to be home with my children!  Then I will go to work about supper time, and Nathan will tuck them in, and have some quiet hours to himself.  It will work for us for now.  It’s perfect for the season we are in right now.

Except as chaplaincy finishes, it brings up new questions.

We need our Bartlesville house to sell, because there is not work for me there and no audience for Nathan.  I got the most random jobs there, but they were so spread out I was away from home too much.  Nathan came up with all kinds of different events to see what would draw an audience, and no one came hardly at all.  More people from Owasso came to his events than people in Bartlesville, even when the event was in Bartlesville.

It’s sad to leave Bartlesville for real, though, because we loved it, and the people there.  But we wouldn’t change having been there for a minute.  As Nathan’s dad just told me, we got half our children from Bartlesville, so that’s not a bad deal at all.

But now we are in Tulsa, temporarily, having moved quickly to get all the children in Deaf school and get me close to the hospital for chaplaincy residency.  But now the residency is almost finished, and the older children got asked to be withdrawn and go back to homeschool, and the younger children are in a preschool that is the same distance from Owasso as it is from our house right now.

Also, we are struggling to get sign language interpreters at church.  One of them can’t make it to our current building.  All the rest live in Owasso.  So why are we still here?

There’s really no reason to stay in Tulsa, other than our friends (and the fact that it’s super fun).   We don’t have housing here, and my work is easy to get to from Owasso where we do already have a house, and the schools are better in Owasso plus all our homeschool friends are in Owasso if that’s what we wanted to do, and the contract for our renters ends next month.

So we have given them notice that we are not renewing their lease, and will be moving home to Owasso in April.  If we have endured all we have endured, just to gather our family, and now with Kyrie on palliative care, it’s time to go home.  We are done with fostering, done with hospitals, and ready to be home.  It’s time.

So yeah, that’s our big news for the day: we are officially moving home to Owasso in April.

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I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2009. I serve as a Chaplain, and work as a counselor. I got bilateral cochlear implants in 2010, but will always love sign language. I choose books over television, and organics over processed. Nothing is as close to flying as ballroom dancing - except maybe running, when in the solo mood. I would rather be outside than anywhere else, especially at the river riding my bike or kayaking. PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, and currently doing a post-doc in Jewish Studies and an MDiv in Pastoral Counseling. The best thing about Emily World is that it's always an adventure, even if (not so) grammatically precise. The only thing better than writing is being married to a writer. Nathan Christensen and I were married in the Oklahoma City temple on 13 October 2012, and have since fostered more than eighty-five children. We have adopted the six who stayed, and are totally and completely and helplessly in love with our family. Nathan writes musical theater, including "Broadcast" (a musical history of the radio) and an adaption of Lois Lowry's "The Giver". He served his mission in South Korea, has taught song-writing in New York City public schools, and worked as a theater critic for a Tucson newspaper. This is not an official Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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  1. Oh my goodness so exciting for you and your cute family. Another reason dawn will want to make a visit soon!!! She can even use ASL a lot now that she’s taking it as a high school language course:)