New Hearing Aid

Today we finally got to go pick up Kyrie’s new hearing aid!

She even got a little stuffed bear who also has hearing aids!

We were prepared for her to be upset by the noise or the volume, but she was so excited!  She immediately started dancing, and it was so adorable!  She asked for Doc McStuffins to play on my phone, and so I turned it on for her.  She held it up to the hearing aid and said, “It’s working!”  And then held it up to the other ear and said, “Not working!”  Over and over she did this all through lunch even:  “Working!  Not working!  Working!  Not working!”   She really loves it!

She also loved the equipment case that it came in, full of the things we need to keep it repaired, working, and clean.  We also have batteries, which is weird after Mary and I are spoiled by rechargeable batteries on our ears.  But she thought the case was a purse, and she carried it out herself, all the way to the car!

It did not take her long to figure out how to pull it out and throw it, so it does have a clip that keeps it on her shirt, at least.  But I am glad it is her teachers at school tomorrow that will get to fight with her about it… except if the ice really comes, we will all be home together, and it will be me wrestling with her.  Natural consequences, I guess.  She will learn quickly; we just need a little practice at leaving it alone as she gets used to it.  It was naptime by the time her appointment was over, so only wearing it a short time and then waking up and being in the car to pick up siblings meant not having it again until back home, so that wasn’t very long at having any practice for a long time of just leaving it be.

That’s true for any of us, I guess, trying to leave things be so we can just feel better already.

I survived dead mom day just fine, without any dramatic incidents to share.  I was aware, and open about it, but maintained functioning and didn’t even cry very much except a little.  My heart was heavy, and I checked on my baby brother (who is two years younger and eighteen feet taller than me), but otherwise it was just a day.  I miss her everyday, so why worry about this one?  I’d rather remember some of the days on which we had so many adventures.

The children visited me briefly at the hospital tonight, not getting out of the van, but driving by for a moment out front just for me to tell them good night.  I was so glad!  We thought I was going to be stuck here all weekend, and that may yet happen.  But my supervisor here said the storm maybe won’t be so bad in our area, and that I can go home tonight instead of staying with “essential staff” as we had first planned.  That was a relief!  If we are all going to be cold, I would rather be frozen with Nathan and the children.

Well, frozen, as long as we don’t have to sing that awful Frozen song.

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