We had several adventures this weekend.  There were Thanksgiving celebrations to miss, and the annual blog maintenance putting posting and email subscriptions on hold, and the latest stomach bug the preschoolers brought home to the second graders because they are getting really good at sharing.

There were other highlights, too, like Mary doing well enough on her bike that she got to go with me to the river the other day.  It was so lovely!  I was so proud of her!

img_9035 img_9036


She always finds such treasures on the ground, I knew she would love this leaf when I found it while I was running.  I brought it to her, and she took it home and decorated it with jewels.  She’s so creative!



Mary and Kirk and Kyrie went with Nathan to eat Thanksgiving dinner with his parents, and they really enjoyed it!

img_9056 img_9057


I sent our turkey up there, and the children ate everything, so Alex and Anber and I missed out!  We will cook extra yummy-ness for Christmas, then, I am sure of it!  Alex and Anber had fun playing in the leaves at home, though, and I enjoyed finally having a day completely off and getting some much needed rest.  I got a lot of rest this holiday weekend, actually, and I am really grateful.



I needed that rest while I could get it, as I will be starting a second job in the next few weeks, so will have some very long days while I finish my chaplaincy residency.  I was glad I got some rest before starting this new season.

We held visits for the bio families of our children as well, one in Bartlesville and one in Tulsa.  Mary’s mother did not come, but Kirk and Barrett’s mother showed up with their new baby sister.  They had a great time!

img_9075 img_9076


In Tulsa, Anber and Kyrie’s grandparents and aunts all cancelled on their mother’s side, and Kyrie’s father’s family who still have never seen her did not show up.  But Alex’s parents showed up with a surprise: his sister and her children, who are his niece and nephew!  Mary helped with the photography.



Mary also took this picture of our pumpkin from my visiting teachers:



The children helped me pull all the seeds out yesterday:

We stirred them in melted butter and salt, just to make them extra yummy, and mostly to give everyone a turn at stirring, which we are practicing a lot at our house:

img_9110 img_9111 img_9112 img_9113 img_9114



Then we roasted the seeds, and had a fun snack yesterday!



The kids also spent time re-watching all of their old videos.  We have done a lot of songs!  We are working on some playlists, because we get a lot of request for just adoption videos, or just parody song videos, or just this child or that, etc., and that will make it easier for their families, as well.  We will share the links when those are finished!

In the meantime, they really like watching themselves on television, like a silly version of old home movies, right?



We took their Christmas pictures, with me trying hard to respect their individuality and growing up kind of independence, so not fussing at Anber’s white t-shirt instead of an undershirt, and not correcting Mary’s bright socks.  I love that they are becoming real people who are individuals!  We worked so hard to bond them together as siblings through matching clothes and lots of attachment exercises these several years, so it’s fun to come full circle.  We see them more and more being good siblings with healthy attachments, but also starting to blossom their individuality.  They are so amazing!




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