Kyrie is trying to recover, but so are Nathan and I.

I went to bed at 8 last night, and slept until 530 this morning.  This was wonderful!  And I still woke in time to read scriptures before the children woke.

Today was the day they have been anxiously awaiting: the day we promised to dig out their minion clothes.

How adorable are they?!

I know this phase won’t last forever, but I love that they still love to dress up in matching clothes.

We started this morning at the McDonald’s playground, while Nathan was working Bishop’s storehouse for us, using gift cards given us for Alex’s birthday breakfast.  They had such fun!

Even Kyrie tried the slide once!

That was all she did, though. And only because Mary made her.  She had such a sick day, and slept the rest of the time. She does not feel well at all.

Nathan and I did not feel well voting, but we got it done!

Both of the candidates have each done enough wrong that there is no need to make up lies about them.  Yet the campaigns have not only been nasty, but full of fake news online.  

We have been horrified to watch friends we know and love fall for and believe and share fake news articles without discerning their sources, and grieved as we have seen people be cruel to one another over it.  

It has stirred up such contention in our country, and that is never of God.  

In the Book of Mormon and in the Bible both, the repeated pattern of the destructions of entire peoples follows this same thing!  Pride allows divisions, and then the people are no longer united as Zion because they are no longer one heart.  Dissension and contention always leads to the downfall of a nation.

And the adversary is after us, you guys.

I want to scream, wake up! 

Wake up!

People are falling for false prophets!

Everyone is complaining about the media, and most agree they can’t trust what the press says.

And there’s good reason for that.

There’s a lot of false information being passed off as “news”.

But everyone thinks it’s the other channel, not the one they watch. 

 They think it’s the other paper, not the one they read.  

This is happening because media literacy has so declined, and social media and entertainment news has dulled our critical thinking skills.

Since our media literacy skills have lagged behind what is actually available to us because of technology, how we determine what is true has changed.  We now decide truth based on how it “feels” to us and whether it supports what we already believe to be true.

When the Book of Mormon talks about false prophets, they always say, “Go ahead and do what you want! That’s not bad because it feels good! Be angry!  Act out sexually!  You deserve it! Whatever you already are doing is right!  It’s good if it feels like it is good!”

The false prophets who said those things are the ones the people gave money to and supported.

Now the same thing is happening through likes and clicks and shares.  It’s ad revenue.  The more we spread that poison around, the more money they get.

Think before you click.

Outrage is addictive.

If there is a headline that stirs up a passionate response of outrage that you feel compelled to share, beware!  It’s click bait.

It’s beguiling.

It’s a national cortisol crisis, with cortisol being the stress hormone flooding our brains when we get that angry about other people.

That is not of God.

It’s the hook inside the bait.

There are times we should be outraged, even at sin we witness as a nation.

But the difference is that this kind of outrage is an invitation to change, and change always starts with ourselves.

Nathan and I are glad, then, that we have already voted and can focus on our little life we are trying so hard to live.  

And since we have voted, we can finally relax after sorting through it all the best we could.

And so tonight I surprised him with date night!

I sent him to take a nap while the kids and I cleaned up and I got them showered for church tomorrow and into pajamas.

We got dinner laid out and then his parents came to eat with them for their movie night, and I stole Nathan for a date!

He doesn’t know what’s happening, but I am taking him to a real dinner with no children (thank you gift card to Cheesecake Factory!) and to the symphony for to see Tulsa play live orchestra to the Indiana Jones movie with my birthday gift certificate from February and a friend’s help. 

We are so excited!

Best election and sick baby recovery ever.

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