#LDSConf – Moroni 3

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If we know that Christ established the true church His way, then we want to be organized as He organized it.

Moroni continues his testimony and teaching, saying that the disciples were called “elders”, and that they were ordained “priests and teachers” (verse 1) by the laying on of hands while praying to the Father in the name of Christ (verse 2).

This also gives us the role of the priesthood, “to preach repentance and remission of sins through Jesus Christ, by the endurance of faith on his name to the end” (verse 3).

This includes the priesthood in the home, not just missionaries on their two year mission.  The role is to provide an environment and access to the power of the Holy Spirit through which others can turn to Christ, humbly return to Christ, and learn to stay focused on Christ.  This is how a father presides in the family, by leading in repentance an acts of faith that follow the loving example of service that the Savior was for us.

This is the pattern used for ordaining to the priesthood, “according to the gifts and callings of God unto men” (verse 4), and it is done “by the power of the Holy Ghost, which was in them” (verse 4).

This means the priesthood has no power without the Holy Ghost, which means one must be worthy to invite the Holy Ghost, and also that one develops that power through righteousness that maintains its presence.

This applies to women as well men, in that we also make priesthood covenants.

For all of us, this is how we develop our power to keep the covenants we have made (and build upon them) through righteousness that maintains the presence of the Spirit.

This is the only way to receive the correction, instruction, and guidance we need to return to our Father (through the Son, whom we gain access to through the prophets, which requires obedience as prompted by the Holy Spirit).

We want to return to our Father’s presence.

We do so (in mortality) through the Son (the veil), whose atonement makes it possible.

We are brought to the Son (the way) by prophets (the flaming sword).

We learn to follow prophets by making and keeping covenants.

We are only able to make and keep covenants by the Holy Spirit, who does prompt, correct, instruct, and guide us in doing so.

We can only receive that instruction by listening, by pondering, by praying, by studying our scriptures, and by being obedient to that which we receive.

We will receive all that we are willing to receive.  It’s a promise.

But nothing more than what we are willing to receive will be given to us, because He lets us choose.

We demonstrate what we choose – how much we want to receive – by every choice we make, every interaction we have with others, every day.

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