Flu Shot Adventures

Regardless of your stance on vaccines, our baby could easily die from simple exposure to things her little body cannot handle.  Getting shots is important to us, and is part of our plan for protecting her.  She is worth a shot in the arm, no matter the sting!

Besides, going to the doctor isn’t all bad!

Kyrie saw the doctor, too, and we talked about test results and our plan to keep her strong and comfortable as much as we can, and the pediatrician even encouraged us to feel comfortable talking with Kyrie and as a family about some of the powerful spiritual experiences we have had those times they said she was actively dying but then she did better, as well as what we learn from suffering and enduring beyond it.

We also stopped by DHS while we were in town, to say hi to caseworkers and sing a few songs while we could. They are family to us!

Kyrie had trouble again today not getting food down by mouth, but she tasted everything and enjoyed textures before spitting it back out.  Mostly she is just one sick little girl. Bless her heart.

We had planned on visits with their biological families for lunch, but all the parents had to cancel, so we hung out while Nathan finished a meeting:

We also went to visit Kirk and Barrett’s mother, who had a baby girl yesterday.

Then it was time to pick up Nathan from his meeting, and start our mini-cation! We needed time to get away together after being separated, and had fun plans to do so.  Even more exciting, my niece gets married in the Kansas City temple tomorrow!

We made it to the rest stop outside Kansas City, just in time for everyone to wake from “quiet time” (no noise, no toys).  That meant we needed some play time!

And then, finally, the Kansas City temple where my niece will be married tomorrow.

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