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Dear Mary, Alex, Kirk, Barrett, Anber, Kyrie, and Papa,

I saw some amazing things today!

Here is our River from the sky:

And look at how beautiful was the sunrise!  Look at all these colors!

And even this guy who looked just like President Uchtdorf!

Here is where I got off my tiny plane:

When you are in the airport, you must follow the directions of the signs to know where to go:

Terminals are long hallways full of people going to different areas where planes wait.

And the place where the plane waits is called a gate.

Those blue signs are everywhere, and have a list of all the gates.  They tell you where the planes are going and what time they leave.

There are also all kind of stores trying to distract you and make you late by selling you fun things:

It’s just like we just read in scriptures the other night! I have to pay attention and stay focused, or I could be so distracted that I miss my plane!

I could also spend too much money if I didn’t stay in my budget.  Look at these fancy guys getting their shoes shined!

Some ladies dress up fancy in the airport:

I was just proud I wasn’t in my pajamas.  I didn’t wear fancy shoes, though, just Papa’s houseshoes!  And socks, because you have to take your shoes off at security when they X-ray your shoes!

I finally made it to my second plane, and found my seat!  Here is a picture of the plane waiting in line behind ours.  There are so many planes that they must take turns taking off.  Even grown-ups have to stand in line sometimes!

I will send Papa video for you to watch of what it is like when the plane is taking off, and when it lands, so you can see!

My plane was flying at breakfast time, so I got a free cracker and some water.  It was only one cracker!  But it was yummy! It was a cookie from Holland.

I could see the ocean from the sky!

I was so glad to land safely, and excited to find out I had our bag with all the books in it!

I got out of the airport and had to figure out how to get to my hotel.  

I had two choices:

1.  Wait two hours for an $18 taxi ride.

2.  Crowd in an uncomfortable shuttle van and share my ride for $20, but also have a free trip back to the airport when it is time to come come.

It seemed like the first choice was better, because it was cheaper and more comfortable.

But when I thought about it, sharing the van was cheaper because it was a round trip ticket instead of only one way.

They have palm trees here!

We also drive right past the super dome where we helped many people in horrible conditions after Hurricane Katrina years ago.  There is flooding here again, and some people have lost their homes.  It is sad.

This guy was funny.  His job is to welcome me to the hotel.  I told him I needed to take a picture for my kids, and he wanted to be in it.

I was scared when I found out there was a problem checking in to my room, but I prayed and it all worked out! I was so grateful.

I am on the seventeenth floor!

Across the street is a tall building with a garden on top!

I was very glad to unpack and take a little nap.  Then I ate the peanut butter sandwich Mary helped me make last night.  I was so glad for lunch!

I hope you had a good day at school!  We can talk on Papa’s phone tonight.  I love you!



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