#LDSConf – Alma 59

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Moroni was so glad to read Helaman’s letter, and to hear of his success (verse 1), and he shared with all the people in the land so they could rejoice as well (verse 2).

Moroni was also concerned about the reinforcements Helaman needed, and so wrote directly to the government to help advocate (verse 3).

While he waited for a response, he continued planning how to retake the Lamanite cities in his area, just as Helaman had done where he was (verse 4). Before he could finish planning, another group of Nephites were attacked (verse 5). At the same time, those who had originally fled from the city of Manti when the Lamanites first attacked it, now arrived to join Moroni’s army (verses 6-8).

Moroni had to decide whether to go save this other city, or whether to stay put and maintain those cities he had already reclaimed. Without reinforcements or provisions, he had to make the difficult decision to stay put (verses 9-11). The consequences of this made Moroni angry at the government for not sending help as they had promised (verse 13).

This is such a good example of staying in Order. Even though Moroni knew what needed to be done, and had the experience and knowledge to do the job, he was wise enough not to move forward without direction and provision from those in authority. He was prepared and ready, but was not impulsive or rash in his actions.

In the next chapter, he gives us an example of how he appropriately expressed his confusion about why they had not helped him yet, but even in this he waits on proper timing and provision before acting – and communicates directly to his leaders, without any gossip or slander or bitterness, which we know always leads to loss of testimony. In this way, he gives us an example of how to respond to practical issues that are challenging, while still maintaining our Order and increasing our testimony.

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