Doughnuts at Dawn

Nathan and I have worked very hard on moving, and the children have helped as much as they can.

We have made two or three trips with the car and van and trailer almost every day for almost two weeks.

We have the bathroom done, food storage moved, and the kids clothes and most of their toys moved.  We have started the kitchen, and all the books are moved and about half put away.  We are trying so hard!

We load the trailer Saturday morning with actual furniture, though the new triple bunks for the children have already been delivered.  Then we will take a swim break during the heat of the day, not unloading at the new house until late afternoon.

We are worn out!

Besides being physically fatigued, it is just hard work and we want the children to still get plenty of playtime.  

Today we brought them for doughnuts at dawn, as a treat and to let them play before the playground is too hot to enjoy.
Their school supplies are ready, though we just found out they have to wear uniforms, so that’s a new crisis.  But otherwise, we are very close to being settled despite a few more days of very hard work.

I am proud of them, and us, and my heart is so full of love for them.

We are tired, but we are trying hard as a family.

Jessica goes home tomorrow, and Sunday will be our last Sunday in our ward before we start at the new ward.

What a sentimental day it will be, in this sacred place that gathered the last bit of our family and kept all of us alive until we were restored again.

That’s how I feel about it, that this was the ward Heavenly Father sent us to rest and heal and recover for a small season, after many hard seasons, so that we can again return to our mortal mission healthy and well and prepared for service.

I am so grateful, and there are not words, and I don’t even know who to thank because I was gone or unconscious for much of it.

But I love this place.

And its people.

And the people who gave us the children.

And the people who kept me alive through cancer.

And the people who resurrected this little one, over and over, until she turned into a healthy miracle toddler.

Thank you.

I just need to say thank you.

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Doughnuts at Dawn — 2 Comments

  1. You say thankyou to us? Really, I have to say thank you to you. You are the one that deserves the thanks. Thanks because you have listened to Heavenly Father and have shown us how very important that is. You have set a wonderful example for so many, me included. I’m the 61 year old that decided to go back to school. You told me it was never to late to get wisdom. My eyes want to leak when I remember that. Thank you for your example. Watching you has helped me to see what my real calling in life is, or at least one of them. Because of that I can stand against the turmoil and tribulations that have been coming at me. You have helped me to see how really valuable we all are and essential to Heavenly Fathers plan. That is why we get to experience so many trials in our lives. Satan wants us and he is out to get us. Together we’re strong. Thanks for the strength that you have shared and shown to everyone that reads your blog. I am so happy for you and your family. How will you manage being away from Nathan’s parents? Are you far from them? Have another great day.

  2. I just like you want to say thank you to all those that helped preserve your family. So glad so many would and could help. They deserve lots of blessings too. When we serve in whatever capacity we can many end up being blessed.