Palate Provision 

Today we realized that a three day struggle to help Kyrie keep her food down was worse news than we expected: she has popped two holes in her palate.


They told us this would happen, because her palate was so severe, but we had hoped it would be awhile before it happened and that she would have more of a rest before more surgeries.

It is heartbreaking, and frustrating, and exhausting.

This poor girl.

We are going to try to get in with a pediatric orthodontist and ask for a palate obtruatror, which is like a retainer except it covers the holes so she can eat and protects what is left of her repaired palate.

She needs to go anyway, because cleft palates make your teeth grow in all wonky.  She has been pretty fortunate because so many have come in so well, but she has too many for her too-small jaw while others are missing because of the distractors last summer.

She also has very little enamel on her teeth, one of the many pieces of the PRS.

This girl.

But then, just when life might cross into too-hard territory, Heavenly Father provides.

Someone read our book and sent a donation.

Nathan got an unexpected birthday check.

Someone else read the book and sent money to donate books to PRS parents.

Someone else donated five books to give to foster parents.

We made a list of things to sell, and picked a handful of other thing to let go of as we move – for the first time as a completed, whole family in our own right.

And tonight, the physical therapist used her time with the boys to cook our family dinner, and I nearly cried.  The boys were so proud of themselves, and they used both hands, and dinner was made.  I was overwhelmed, and so grateful.

It was a long day in Tulsa, with my chaplaincy residency interview, and the kids singing at the hospital, and then taking them to see the new house.

But it was a good day, full of faithfulness, both our best efforts and His toward us.

We just need this baby to keep breathing.

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