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Last week was insane, with work out my ears.  I get up around four in the morning most days, to get my scripture study and prayers in before the children awake, but last week Nathan and I stayed up until midnight most every night.  We were pouring over the final edits from the final proof copy of the book, and then drowning in final technical details about page sizes and margins and fonts and cover design and all the things that put a book together after the content is finished.  It was exhausting.  Other than actually surviving the last five years, I am not sure Nathan and I have ever worked so hard at anything in our lives.

We really did work hard!

We are super excited about the book, and hope that it is helpful in some way.

But we know we worked hard, and we know we tried hard, and we know we did our best.

The next thing that happens with the book is that we are supposed to get our “galley proof” of the book this week.  That’s the actual book in print as it should be in its final form, for our final approval and to be sent out to reviewers and the media.  That copy will have the pages exactly as they will print, the actual hardcover, and the dust jacket as designed.  It will be the first time we hold the finished product in our hands, and the last chance we have to make any changes.  We are so excited!

Lots of people asked me yesterday how they can get a copy of the book.  It will get distributed late summer or early fall on the usual online sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., but we will only make $1 a book from those sales.  That’s just easier for some people, which is fine.  But the company that binds the book before distribution has a website also, and the book will be available on that site the very moment we approve the galley proof!  That could be as early as next week!  Because we don’t have to pay the fees for distribution to them, sharing that link will give us $6 a book as we try to raise money to pay these medical bills.  So for us, it will be helpful as a fundraiser if those who are able can buy the book directly from the binder rather than the distributor sites, but we know some people will just have their preferences, and that’s fine… but you will have to wait a little longer because distribution is a whole different process and just takes a while. We don’t have a date yet for the distribution sites; they are still telling us six to eight weeks as a general guess.  We will share when we know more details.

Regardless, both the hardback edition that is more expensive but has the fancy dust jacket, and the cheaper paperback edition will be released simultaneously because we wanted it to be more accessible than only expensive.  It is a little more expensive than usual because we are holding out to see if we can sell some on our own, as that will give us more ability to better negotiate publishing contracts as two have offered to pick it up already.  Because of that, it seemed fair to release the paperback early for those who are unable to pay for the hardback.  Usually they only release the hardback edition first, and wait some time before letting the paperback edition be released.  But we wanted people to have choices right away, because not everyone can afford the hardback edition.  We will also donate a copy to the local library so that some of those who want to read it but cannot purchase it will have access to it.  A few friends have mentioned being ready to buy several copies to pass out and send to other friends, and we are so grateful for the support and the help with this fundraiser.

Some people have even already asked if we will autograph it, and lots of people are asking for copies autographed by the children.  That’s cute and hilarious, and they are delighted.  We are working on getting that arranged through our Etsy shop online, and we will share that link when the book is released.  The children are loving having their own business plans and creating their own ideas for what they want to share, and according to them, “that’s way better than a lemonade stand because now we get to drink all the lemonade ourselves.”  They are so funny.

We are also being asked about if it will be an audio book or released in other formats, and the answer is yes, but those are completely different projects and it will take time.

I cannot tell you how excited we are, as well as terrified.  I hope the galley copy is okay, and am terrified to open the package when it comes.  I don’t know that we have any strength left for more edits, and we fear mistakes we can no longer see because we are too familiar with the text.  We don’t know what people will think, or if it will help make a difference, or if it will do any good.  But it is our story, and our testimony, and words are all we have to give.  So we have tried our best, and know Heavenly Father will consecrate and bless our efforts.

We will also need help from those who have the energy, inclination, and/or time, to leave reviews or ratings on the sites – whether the bindery site or the distribution sites when it is time.  This will help draw attention to the book and let people know it is out there and available.  Sharing our post when we post the links will help spread word, too, and we so appreciate the help our community has given as we try to raise funds to care for this little airway and her goofball siblings.

Today is a holiday – an important one at that – and I will spend all day checking the mail even though I know that no packages will be delivered until tomorrow, and that tomorrow is probably too soon, anyway.  But still.  We are jumping out of our skin with excitement, and even the children almost can’t handle the anticipation for the actual book to arrive for us to see, and to hold it, and to touch it.

We are so excited!

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  1. I’m so excited for it too. I want a copy that will give you the most money. One with everyone’s autographs too. Good Luck and happy 4th of July.