Child Care

This morning, the thing my girls needed more than anything was a date with mom.

I took them for out for pancakes and hot chocolate, just to spend some positive time together and to do something different and special with them.

This boy tagged along, even though he has one more day of school, mostly because it was pajama day at school and he has been really good lately so I didn’t want him to miss out on any adventures.

Nathan took the boys for the well-child checkups, because we were in Cincinnati both times they had their birthdays.  They don’t know this because we celebrated their birthdays at home, but that’s why we had to catch up their well-child checkups late.  They both are doing great, and so healthy, and Barrett got his last immunizations before he starts PreK this fall.  I can’t believe they are growing up so fast!  They waited so long for their turn that we finished breakfast and still made it there in time to relieve Nathan and shift kiddos around.  These boys always hide from “Queen Kristie”, which is what they call the nurse practitioner, and love to jump out and surprise her as if that wasn’t the same place they hid last time they saw her.  She is always delighted, and they are always thrilled with themselves.

Kyrie gets her weight checked anytime we go to any doctor anywhere, besides the home health nurses, so she stayed with me and the boys.  She was so proud of herself for climbing up on this stool, which is something she has been working on in developmental therapy.  After clapping and cheering for herself, though, she crawled back over to me and slept the rest of the time.  Climbing one stool one time uses too much energy, and she needs all hers to breathe, and so she was done for the day after that.

We talked about Kyrie while we were there, and updated her on how she was doing, and she is going to try and help us get all the doctors on the same page to see what our choices are or if this is just our tricksy baseline that we are at, and then update us and our doctor when our doctor gets back from vacation.  I am so grateful, and know it’s above the call of duty, but it is really helpful.  She is even going to talk to the ENT in Utah, and the local ENT and pulm, and the speech path and OT and PT and developmental therapists about all her sleeping and her desats and color changes.  She said most parents would just agree that good numbers was good enough, so the other doctors may not realize we still have serious concerns because of development and color, etc.  She also wants to make sure they all understand her adoption is finalized and we really do have consents and we really do know what we are talking about, and that she has watched the baby’s case since she was born and has seen what we are talking about when we try to explain what’s happening.  She agreed with what our doctor taught us about drug babies being unpredictable anyway, and focusing on just what does this particular baby need right now – not just because of PRS or not, but right now, to breathe well and develop, what does she need?  Even if she is holding her numbers in the 90’s most of the time, she can’t develop if she is sleeping 20-22 hours a day, so she really listened also helped, and she knows our pediatrician so can update her on anything she learns.  We are so grateful.

All that took so long that the boys missed lunch at school, so we came home and had lunch together, and then got the boys back to school in time for recess.  Tomorrow is their last day as first graders!

These three, though, are done, and get the rest of the day off even from homeschool because they were so good and did so much this morning.  Mary is home from Deaf school and won’t be going back, and the preschoolers are ready for PreK in the fall, and the best thing for them this afternoon is just to play.  They really love the new spinner swing we got, and I think that we will get another one for the swingset since they love it so much.  It is good to have happy, healthy kids!

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